A.D. 1200 Approximately Igluligaarjuk Site – Thule Culture


1911 Hudson’s Bay Company Arrives
Sept 3, 1912 Arrival in C.I. of Fa. Arsène Turquetil, o.m.i. and Fa. Armand LeBlanc, o.m.i.
Started construction of the mission house (28′ x 16′) (the little house is still standing);
Completed the exterior September 22nd – held the First Mass
Church named Notre Dame de la Delivrande by Father Turquetil who as a young seminarian in France prayed to Notre Dame de la Delivrande to receive the consent of his Bishop to enter the Oblate novitiate. At that time he promised to name his first mission Notre Dame de la Delivrande
Father Turquetil becomes the Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Hudson Bay in 1925. (now called Diocese of Churchill Hudson Bay).
Aug 26, 1914 Baptism Catholique Assolar (father – Albert Arola, mother – Meni Ittimangnak) Catholique was born in 1909
1920 – 22 Lamson and Hubbard trading post operates
1921 RCMP establish a post at Chesterfield
1922 Visit of the members of the famed Fifth Thule Expedition (Knud Rasmussen, Kaj Birket-Smith, Helge Bangstad, Jacob Olsen)
1923 Statue of Jesus (between hospital and church) arrives gift from family of Fa. E. Duplain, o.m.i.
1925 Mission has a radio – people from the south send their messages to the missionaries through a radio broadcast station in Pittsburgh KDKA!!
c. 1925 – 26 First Post-Office
1926 60 CI people move to Southampton Island
1927 Separate church section added to RC Mission
Bishop Turquetil is glad to hire a strong dedicated guide – Jean Ayaruar who leads Fa. Turquetil in a round trip from Chesterfield to Arviat, Baker Lake and back.
1930 Chesterfield Inlet becomes general headquarters for federal gov’t health officials
Dr Livingstone the first doctor in charge
1930 – 31 Construction of St Theresa’s Hospital
1931 Hospital opens officially September 27th – owned by RC Vicariate of Hudson Bay and operated by the Grey Nuns (Nayait)
Founding Sisters of the hospital: Sr St Ignace of Loyola, Sr. Therese of the Child Jesus, Sr Adelaide Fafard, Sr Marie-Anne Frechette arrive August 12th Hospital looks after various epidemics from 1934 to 1954.
1946 Chicken coop built by Br G.M. Paradis – operates until 1970
1950 HBC closes – Br R. Bedard runs a trading post the two years the HBC closes
1951 A Federal Day School opens with 2 classrooms – first principal Roland Larivière
1953 First Grey Nuns arrive to teach at the federal day school – Sr Elizabeth Herauf, s.g.m. and Sr Pauline Cotè, s.g.m.
1954 Grotto between St. Theresa’s and mission was built by Fr L. Fournier
1955 Student residence opens (originally called St Mary’s Residence – later called Turquetil Hall) – students mainly come from Igloolik, Pelly Bay, and Repulse Bay, a small number come from Baker Lake, Arviat, and Pond Inlet
1955 – 56 A temporary DEW Line site operates in C.I.
1956 Fr Roland Courtemanche brings the first ham radio (Marconi) to Chesterfield. (Fr Courtemanche lived in CI 1948 – 68 and 1975 – 1987)
1956 Last resident doctor at the hospital leaves
1962 – 76 Br R Boisclair operates a post-office in the basement of the hospital
1964 New RC church built
1964 Following a brief survey of fishery resources along the Kivalliq coast (Brack and McIntosh 1963), the DNANR established a pilot cannery plant at Daly Bay, north of Chesterfield Inlet (Lantz 1965; Lantz and Iredale 1972). The cannery employed local Inuit to harvest and process Arctic char, seals, whales, and walrus from the area. In, 1966, after the fish resources of Daly Bay had proven to be insufficient and because the water supply, power, and housing facilities were limited, the cannery was dismantled and re-established at Rankin Inlet as the Issatik Food Plant (Iredale 1984).
1965 Telephone service comes to Chesterfield Inlet
1968 Chesterfield Inlet Housing Association was incorporated September 13, 1968
1969 Last year of operation of Turquetil Hall – later used for Adult Education, post-office, temporary hostel, co-op store, arts and crafts room, etc.)
1970s St Theresa’s Hospital now becomes a Home for the disabled instead of a hospital and home for the aged
1977 First government nursing station is established in CI – Sister Boulet is in charge
1980 Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet – Municipal government was incorporated April 1, 1980
1984 Turquetil Hall torn down and replaced in 1985 with the Community Complex
1999 The Last Grey Nuns (Nayait) leaves Chesterfield Inlet – Bishop Reynald Rouleau thanks the Grey Nuns for their service at St Theresa’s Home and in the school 76 Sisters have lived in Chesterfield Inlet!
2002 Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation takes over the operation of St. Theresa’s Home, Pimakslirvik – new name of St Theresa’s Home

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