The Landfill & Metal Scrap Yard

The business premises compliance By-law No. 60 policy – Sanitary, Health, Zoning, Parking, Structural, or Fire Hazard conditions concern inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (867) 898-4600. The Policies & Legislation on the Environment, or waste Management contact Community & Government Services, or Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut.

The Environmental Management response of Clean-up Spills on fuel, oil, spill response kits, absorbs pads/ absorbent booms, or personal protective gear. The 24-hour oil spill line, or hazardous substance disposal bags contact Petroleum Products Division E-mail: Spill Line, Government of Nunavut.

Recycle Containers & Metal Scrap Yard

The Transport Canada dangerous goods permit to ship Recycle containers i.e. propane tank, used oil, batterytires, paintauto, or metal contact Register. To inspect on site visit Transport Canada E-mail: Prairie & Northern 1-(888) 463-0521. The Metal scraps ATV/ snowmobile parts, autosappliances or empty barrows is disposed on Metal Scrap Yard, not Landfill site. The scrap Autos should be drain of fluids, or batteries remove.

Recycle & Environmental Services

The Regulations on the Environment, or Hazardous waste registration contact Department of Environment. The Municipal Landfill, Metal scrap yard/ Recycle containers or Bins contact Foreman, or Chief Administrative Officer (867) 898-4600.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training Certificate

The Municipal clean-up, or waste Management Environmental – appliances, used oil/ tires, lumber/ recycle containers (battery/propane), or bins inquire Foreman (867) 898-4600. The annual community Clean-up of Public areas in the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet contact Chief Administrative Officer, or Foreman (867) 898-4600.

Garbage & Sewage Service (Keep our Environment Clean)

The Garbage or Sewage service contact Clerk (867) 898-4600, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (weekdays).

The Commercial or Residential tenants is responsibility of Clean Environment to maintain rental premises or all services, and facilities provided of (Lot) to tenancy of Clean Environment, or Health Safety.