The only way to truly appreciate the skill, and artistry of Inuit is to see their work in its original home. You will see how it varies from one community to the next. Techniques, materials, and subject matter differ from Artist to artist. Working with resources available to them, Inuit artists, carvers, and artisans have fashioned some of the world’s most treasured Art, and Handicrafts. From traditional soapstone carvings, coveted by collectors to intricate leather, and bead work, Inuit produce an amazing volume of extremely high quality work.

The local Artists, Carvers, or Handcrafts artisans contact Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet 1-(867) 898-4603.


Casimir Kriterdluk


Makes miniature Ulu made from wood and stainless steel.

Harry Aggark


Carves traditional Ulu made from hardwood and stainless steel. For information/ inquire phone: (867) 898-9139

Majorie Autut

Carved Antler

Carves antlers and from wood

Gary Ippiak

Carves miniature soapstone carving

Carved SoapStone

Carves miniature soapstone

Lino Amarok

Carves miniature antler carvings

Carved Antler

Carved antler

Paul Kaput

Soapstone Carving

Carved soapstone and from wood/ antler

Majorie Autut

Wall Hanging

Sews small wall hangings

Majorie Autut

Wall Hanging

The artisan sews small wall hangings

Eva Tanuyak

Miniature Beaded Hats

Artisan sews miniature beaded hats, brooches/ small hangings