The Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North

The Hotel own by Pitsiulak Co-operatives Ltd. provides nine rooms (newly renovated) each with cable television, private bath, and guests daily meals (informal dining) room with rates $250/ night. The Co-operatives Limited include apartment rental.

The Tangmavik Hotel features:

  • cable television, internet service & radio fm
  • complimentary airport shuttle service
  • traditional and Canadian cuisine
  • laundry service
  • business support services
  • hotel adjacent to retail store

1-(867) 898-9975 (Manager) or Toll-Free 1-(888) 866-6784 (Reservation)

The Bed & Breakfast, Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation

The Bed & Breakfast self serve accommodation with three rooms (six bed) each with cable television, B&B rates $175/ night GST included.

The Bed & Breakfast features:

    • cable television, internet service & fm radio
    • fully furnish, kitchen and living room
    • laundry
    • retail
    • airport shuttle service

1-(867) 898-9292 (Reservation)


Learn History of the early Explorers, or whaling era of the American, and Scottish whalers, to the first Royal Northwest Mounted Police est. 1903 in Cape Fullerton, and fur-pelt trade of the Hudson’s Bay Company post est. 1911, to the first R.C. Mission est. 1912, and the Grey Nun’s of Nicolet, Quebec est. 1930’s.

The Inuit Trade with Whalers in Hudson Strait 1860 – 1915

The Vessel and Year – Syren Queen 1860, Black Eagle 1864, Concordia 1864, Orray Taft 1864, Black Eagle 1866, President 1874, A. Houghton 1876, Abbie Bradford 1878, Eothen 1878, Isabella 1878, George and Mary 1879, Abbie Bradford 1880, Isabella 1880, Abbie Bradford 1882, Isabella 1882, George and Mary 1883, Abbie Bradford 1884, A.R. Tucker 1891, A.R. Tucker 1893, Canton 1893, Era 1897, and Francis Allyn 1897.

Source: Logbooks and journals of vessels listed

View bay front of Hudson Bay, or tour the Heritage buildings, and sites of Chesterfield Inlet landmark areas/ remnants trails back-in-time, or Thule site/ go trek, atv recreational trails, or take photo op of the archaeological, and Heritage sites.

The Tourism Outfitters/ Guides, or KIA Cultural Visitors Centre inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer (867) 898-4603, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.