The Water Quality & Soil Test Program

The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet water quality/ soil test services, the fresh water Lake Environment, analysis of sediment and soil, reservoir/ water treatment plant, and pump house. The water quality weekly samples/ microbiological testing, survey of contaminated soil, sandfill site, sewage lagoon, training, or quarry info inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

The Management of the Environment & Laboratory Programs

The ALS Global – Environmental Laboratory programs, Winnipeg, Manitoba (204) 255-9720, or inquire Community & Government Services, Municipal Planning (867) 645-8176, Kivalliq Regional Office.

The Water Quality or Soil Test services (weekly samples) contact Foreman (867) 898-9939, or Chief Administrative Officer (867) 898-4600, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

Water Service

The Municipal commercial/ training, and industrial water treatment plan visit Infrastructure Canada, Nunavut Rural Infrastructure program, or Federation of Canadian Municipalities.