The Gravel, Mobile Screener & Crusher

The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet quarry materials, mobile Screener (Powerscreen MK II), mobile cone Crusher (metso Lokotrack LT200HP), or rates on the gravel screen 125.00/m3, crush 146.00/m3, or pit run unscreened 70.00/m3.

Municipal Equipment Rates

The Municipal heavy equipment rates – front end Loader 400.00/hr, Dozer 450.00/hr, Grader 300.00/hr, or Dump truck ten yard 250.00/hr. contact Foreman 1-(867) 898-4600, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

The Municipal roads maintenance/ access trails, culverts, dock, quarry development/ excavation, hauling, or gravel road annual dust suppression maintenance. The services include maintenance of landfill/ metal scrap yard, sewage lagoon, residential/ commercial lots, excavation/ grading gravel roads, barge unloading beach, road ditch/ puddles, or roadside culverts drain.

The gravel, mobile screener/ cone crusher, heavy equipment/ rates, dock, culverts/ access trail, gravel roads dust suppression, or training contact Chief Administrative Officer 1-(867) 898-4602, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.