Welcome to Chesterfield Inlet, the original Arctic community

A visit to Chester will be the Experience of a Lifetime. Explore our community carved out of the Tundra on the west coast of Hudson Bay. Discover Archaeological/ Heritage sites, or the Thule sites, and Heritage Buildings back-in-time. Hike, or whale watch, fish Arctic char, or Lake trout. Trail atv day trip/ boat tour. Discover plants or berries, view Polar bear in distance, or Muskox, and tundra Caribou in their natural surroundings.

Take photo op of migrating Canada geese, or immerse into our Culture, and warm hospitality of Inuit people, or tour the Cultural Visitors Centre.

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Igluligaajuk (Inuktitut Name)

Meaning: Place with a few, ‘Thule Houses’.

The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet is on the west coast of Hudson Bay in Nunavut, near Manitoba border. Chester’s history dates back to mid-1800’s; and was once the Hudson’s Bay Company’s Ltd. main supply centre est. 1911 for other posts in the area during early fur-pelt trade industry.

The early whaling era of the American, and Scottish whalers sailed the coast of Hudson Bay in turn of the twentieth century. The first post of Royal Northwest Mounted Police est. 1903 in Cape Fullerton, to the noble beginning of first Roman Catholic Mission est. 1912, and Lamson & Hubbard Fur Trading Company post est. 1920, to Grey Nun’s of Nicolet, Quebec of the Ste. Therese’s Hospital est. 1930’s.

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Welcome to Chesterfield Inlet