Chesterfield Inlet Map

“I made a rough little sketch of the inlet, and marked the Roman Catholic mission and hospital on it. There are lakes shown on the top left and top right of the sketch. The one on the left was known as Police Lake and the other, as Mission Lake… There was… a hospital and a Roman Catholic mission; the hospital was run by the mission. Then there was the police station with Sergeant Wight, accompanied by his wife and two constables. There was a radio station down at the southern point with two radio operators… Our own stations are marked with an “X.” The Hudson’s Bay Post… was on the extreme right.”

– Frank Davies

Detail of Image:

A – 10. Hand Drawn Map of Chesterfield Inlet. – 5 x 5 cm glass. Showing radio station; hospital; mission; ‘Eskimo igloos;’ RCMP barracks.

Reproduced with permission from the © University of Saskatchewan Archives

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