The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet


Tony Amauyak  1-(867) 898-4600


Chief Administrative Officer                           Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (trainee)
John Ivey 1-(867) 898-4602                            vacant 1-(867) 898-4600

Receptionist Clerk

Flora Mimialik 1-(867) 898-4600


Finance Officer
Jacquinita Sammurtok 1-(867) 898-4600

Municipal Lands

Lands Officer
Greg Tanuyak 1-(867) 898-4604

Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development Officer
David Kattegatsiak 1-(867) 898-4603

Municipal Service & Maintenance

Hamlet Foreman                                                       Hamlet Mechanic
Don Tanuyak 1-(867) 898-9939                      James Mullins 1-(867) 898-9939

Hamlet Mechanic (assistant)                             Hamlet Building Maintainer
vacant 1-(867) 898-9939                                    Nipi Alogut 1-(867) 898-4600

Recreation & Wellness Coordinator

Recreation Coordinator                                          Wellness Coordinator
Russell Mullins 1-(867) 898-9081                     Shawna Mullins 1-(867) 898-4608

Recreation Facility Coordinator
Eric Nanaout 1-(867) 898-9081

Agnico Eagle Mines

Community Liaison Officer (Human Resource)
Janice Issaluk 1-(867) 898-4606
Web: Agnico Eagle Mines

By-Law Enforcement/ Fire Chief

By-Law Officer/ Fire Chief
Anulik Kadjuk 1-(867) 898-9797

CICH 93.3 FM

CICH 93.3 FM – Sigjaqpaluk
Mark Amarok 1-(867) 898-9934

The Nunavut Legislative Assembly, Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet

Alexander Sammurtok, Member of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly
1-(867) 898-9260 Fax: 1-(867) 898-9261
Web: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet
Chesterfield Inlet Constituency Assistant 1-(867) 898-9260
Rankin Inlet Constituency Assistant 1-(867) 898-4900

The service to Constituents coordinates activities or guidance to members in the Constituency/ Cabinets or standing committees, and the Premier. Consult members of Chesterfield Inlet, and the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet Mayor, Councilors or Chief Administrative Officer on local issues, Municipal Affairs & services or infrastructure. The Constituency support to members, Municipal government or its riding, and designated to Constituency access to community information and the Legislative Assembly.