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Social Service Worker

Ph. 867 898-9968 Contact: Social Service Worker Website: Family Services The Social Service worker coordinates with local health staff in counselling or programs with support groups or mental Health Care, and Career development or campus resource programs. Refer clients with resource program … Continue reading

Government Liaison Officer

Ph. 867 898-9019 Fax: 867 898-9121 Contact: Government Liaison Officer Website: Executive & Intergovernmental Affairs The Nunavut Government program & services, training/ drivers licence written test $30.25, learners licence $68.40/ road test $30.25, class 5 fee $15.40, licence renewal $68.40, ATV/ vehicle registration, … Continue reading

Conservation Officer

Ph. 867 898-9130 Fax: 867 898-9135 Contact: Conservation Officer Website: Department of Environment The Conservation Officer coordinates to ensure compliance with/ administer policy, and guidelines of Department of Environment regulations or protection. The Department of Environment enforce provision of the Environmental protection, acts/ … Continue reading

Qulliq Energy Corporation

Ph. 867 898-1201 Toll-Free: 1-(800) 491-8116 Website: Qulliq Energy Corporation E-mail: Customer Care The Electric company utilities, services, or net meter program Customer Care 1-(866) 710-4200.

Maintenance I & II

Ph. 867 898-9914 Fax: 867 898-9064 Contact: Facility Maintenance I & II Website: Community and Government Services The Community Government & Services maintenance of Public works and services maintains GN buildings (maintenance) of the Victor Sammurtok School, Naja Isabelle Home, Health Centre, Nunavut Arctic … Continue reading

Family Services

Ph. 867 898-9274 Fax: 867 898-9600 Contact: Income Support Officer Website: Family Services The Income Support Officer works and coordinate with interagency such as Adult Educator, EDO, school Staff, Career development, community groups/ liaisons, or Human Resource, and organizations. Coordinates community … Continue reading