Social Service Worker

Ph. 867 898-9968
Contact: Social Service Worker
Website: Family Services
The Social Service worker coordinates with local health staff in counselling or programs with support groups or mental Health Care, and Career development or campus resource programs. Refer clients with resource program and services such as Career Development, Adult Educator, or Human Resource on training, education or employment. Facilitate support groups, individuals and family, or group counseling. The Hospice and palliative care support through CSSW initiative program and services, or promotes health, and poverty reduction program with various interagency services.

Training Programs/ Services

The referrer to Career development, training agencies, Human Resource or college program and services, available to family or individuals through liaison, campuses, student counsellor/ College Learning centre, or student funds, and training programs.

The Social Service coordinates clients on programs such as the Liaison/ Organization programs, Human resource, elders/ youth programs, and Career development, college or training programs.

The programs and services or employments contact Family Services.