Family Services

Ph. 867 898-9274
Fax: 867 898-9600
Contact: Income Support Officer
Website: Family Services
The Income Support Officer works and coordinate with interagency such as Adult Educator, EDO, school Staff, Career development, community groups/ liaisons, or Human Resource, and organizations. Coordinates community career resource for clients on employment, or training to individuals, or families by providing programs, and services through interagency groups to support, or promotes wellness for clients.

Career Programs/ Services

Develops working relationship with community, and regional services that may be refer to Social Worker/ Alcohol & Drug Coordinator, Justice Outreach Worker, Adult Educator, school Staff/ Career Development, Human Resource, Liaison’s, or Student Financial Assistance, and campus registry programs.

The Family Services develops or coordinates local services such as network support, update client resume on courses, or individuals to access education/ training, volunteer, or employment. The career development programs and services visit Family Services.

The programs and services, or employments contact Family Services 1-(800) 953-8516.