Business Licence, Rates & Lottery Licence, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867 898-4600
Contact: Finance Officer
The Business licence fees ‘C’, or to obtain business licence By-law No. 60 form ‘A’ & ‘B’, and application Schedule ‘C’, or Hamlet rates Schedule ‘A’. The business premises compliance By-Law No. 60, Sanitary, Health, Zoning, Parking, Structural, or Fire Hazard conditions concern contact Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Chief Administrative Officer 1-(867) 898-4600, or Clerk.

The Municipal service rates, business licence, or business premises compliance requirements By-law No. 60 policy – Sanitary, Health, Zoning, Parking, Structural, or Fire Hazard conditions concern inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

Business Licence

The Business/ Tourism Outfitter operating in Chesterfield Inlet must register Business Licence, or Outfitter licence. To obtain Business Licence, or renew in Chesterfield Inlet boundary require Business Licence.

a.  Business Licence (rates)
b.  Business Licence (application)

The Business Licence – (to Register/ renew) Licence is issued by Finance Officer 1-(867) 898-4600, or inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer (867) 898-4603.

Steps to Register Business Licence

a.  By-Law No. 60 Business Licence Form ‘A’ and ‘B’
b.  Business Fees Schedule ‘C’
c.  Consolidation of Hamlet Act
d.  Hamlet Rates
e.  Tourism Outfitter Licence
f.   Workers’ Safety & Compensation Commission
g.  Legal Registry, Department of Justice
h.  Registration, Government of Canada
i.   NNI Registration
j.   Commercial Lot, Community & Government Services
k.  Business Plan Steps

The Licence registration, Hamlet Act/ regulation, Tourism outfitter licence, Business plan, or Hamlet rates inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Community Economic Development Officer 1-(867) 898-4603.

Lottery Licence

a.  Licence Application
b.  Licence Fee Regulations

The Lottery Licence or fee regulation inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Chief Administrative Officer 1-(867) 898-4600, or Consumer Affairs, CG&S Toll-Free: 1-(866) 223-8139.

The Commercial or Residential tenants is responsibility of Clean Environment to maintain rental premises, or all services and facilities provided of (Lot) to tenancy of Clean Environment or Health Safety. The scrap metals – ATV parts, snowmobiles, tires, or vehicles should be disposed of metal scrap yard, or recycle containers.