Water, Sewage/ Garbage Service, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867 898-4600 (Hamlet Office) or 867 898-9939 (Foreman)
Contact: Hamlet Clerk (weekdays) for service
Schedule: Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (water, sewage/ garbage truck)                                                                         Saturday – Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (water, or sewage truck)
The Heavy equipment, Municipal rates – schedule ‘A’, cat, loader, dump truck, or grader, roads maintenance, or dust control, mechanics (I & II), parking garage, warehouse/ inventory, preventative maintenance, quarry, culverts, freezer, reservoir, pump house, or mobile cone crusher, and screener.

Landfill/ Metal Scrap Yard

The Municipal maintenance, landfill/ fence, metal and lumber scrap yard, sewage lagoon, recycle containers, battery, propane tank/ used oil, dock, or environmental program soil, and water quality weekly test samples. The scrap metals such as atv parts, snowmobiles, tires, or vehicles should be disposed of metal scrap yard, or recycle containers.

The Municipal services & programs, equipment rates, recycle, or training inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield InletChief Administrative Officer 867 898-4600.

Municipal Rates

Vehicle service, Heavy equipment/ Gravel

a.  Garage Service – Vehicle service labour 100.00/hour, tire repair & business vehicles 99.75/hour, towing 150.00/half hour, and welding 75.00/hour.
b.  Equipment – Front end loader with operator 400.00/hour, dozer with operator 450.00/hour, grader with operator 300.00/hour, and dump truck 10 yd. with operator 250.00/hour.
c.  Quarry Material – Crushed gravel 146.00/m3, screened gravel 125.00/m3, and pit run unscreened 70.00/m3.

The programs and services contact Community & Government Services, Municipal Training Organization, Municipal Career/ Jobs, or Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

The Commercial or Residential tenants is the responsibility of CLEAN Environment to maintain rental premises, or all services and facilities provided of (Lot) to tenancy of Clean Environment, or Health Safety.