Naja Isabelle Home, Department of Family Services

Ph. 867 898-9290
Fax: 867 898-9288
Contact: Director of Care
Website: Naja Isabelle Home
The Naja Isabelle Home is administered under Pimakslirvik Corporation with Department of Family Services, Nunavut Government. The Home Care is a 24/7 Care Home facility for children or adults with special needs, provides service to residents of Nunavut. Students or post bridge nursing trainees receive work experience in a modern Home Care facility of 38 staffs. The Home Care placement program provide students, or nursing trainees opportunity to integrate in a cross-cultural based nursing skills employment, and certificate training in a supervised work environment with travel on route covered.

Home Care Programs & Services

The employments in Practical Nurses, RN (Registered Nurses), LPNs (Licence Practical Nurses), intern, or training programs through students programs College/ University Home Care credit programs and services, kitchen/ canteen cooks, employments, and training contact Director of Care, Naja Isabelle Home.

The programs and services, training or employments contact Naja Isabelle Home.