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Food Security Coordinator

Ph. 867 898-4600 Contact: Food Security Coordinator Web: Sustainable Food Security The Food Security Coordinator, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet play a role in overseeing and managing the community food voucher program within the community. The position is responsible for the … Continue reading

Justice Outreach Worker

Ph. 867 898-9045 Fax: 867 898-9043 Contact: Outreach Worker Website: Department of Justice The Justice Outreach, Department of Justice coordinates programs and services, or activities through Department of Justice. Provides support with Justice Committee, or coordinates local CJC diversion, and Crime prevention … Continue reading

Health & Wellness Coordinator

Ph. 867 898-4608 Contact: Wellness Coordinator Website: Department of Health The Health & Wellness, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet promotes through Wellness programs, Elders and youth/ IQ elders program, radio program/ oral history, cultural inclusion day field trip, or traditional bannock baking, and … Continue reading