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Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (Municipal Government)

Ph. (867) 898-4600 Contact: Foreman The Screener/ cone Crusher, Loader/ Cat, frontend Loader/ Grader, Haul gravel, Quarry/ crush Gravel, Culvert streams, Landfill/ Sewage, Dock, Training, or Dust Suppression. Gravel Road Maintenance The Municipal road maintenance, crush Gravel, or Training contact … Continue reading

Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation

Ph. 867 898-9292 Contact: Chief Executive Officer The Bobcat rental/ Road maintenance/ Snow removal, Cartage service, or Ambulance. Bobcat & Cartage Services a.  Bobcat b.  Cartage/ Ambulance Service c.  Road Maintenance/ Snow Removal The Cartage/ Ambulance services, Road maintenance, or … Continue reading

Aulajuq Ltd.

Ph. 867 898-9175 or 867 645-6962 Contact: Manager The Heavy-Equipment/ Rates, Hauling gravel, Snow removal, or Airport maintenance. Heavy Equipment a.  Frontend Loader/ Dump Truck b.  Cat/ Bobcat c.  Snow Remover/ Road Maintenance The Heavy-Equipment, Snow remover, or Road maintenance … Continue reading