Health & Wellness Coordinator, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867 898-4608
Contact: Wellness Coordinator
Website: Department of Health
The Health & Wellness promotes through Wellness programs, Elders and youth/ IQ elders program, radio program/ oral history, cultural inclusion day field trip, or traditional bannock baking, and intern wood working, recreation or physical activity/ fitness/ sport clinics, or youth centre programs.

The infrastructure repair program, or nutrition/ cooking country food diet/ soup kitchen/ barbeque, or education, skills development/ sewing program/ literacy, or health initiatives inquire Wellness Coordinator on programs and services.

Youth & Wellness Programs

The Wellness implements wellness strategy, or Human resource program/ training, Inuit interns/ mentors to support Health committee, youth/ science camp, and delivery of Wellness or Health initiative programs intern training, and education through Department of Health.

The Health & Wellness programs & services, training or funds contact Coordinator.