The Fire Department & By-Law Officer

Ph. 867 898-9787 (By-Law Officer) or 867 898-4422 (Emergency)
Contact:  By-Law Officer/ Fire Chief
The Fire Department, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet practice fire drill twice a month in an emergency response, and fire rescue service drills. The volunteer meets on regular basis for weekly equipment checks, and inventory, or maintenance of fire truck, and Fire Hall including other safety drills, and first aid, to an investigation of fire scene, or fire prevention inspection, and training.

The Fire Department volunteer services, training/ road safety, or youth programs, & safety drills contact By-Law.

Fire Safety/ Youth Programs

The Municipal By-Law Officer is responsible for enforcement of community speed limits, ATV enforcement or safety, and curfew (after midnight), safety training, first aid, fire code compliance training, designated intersection of roads safety signage, or maintenance of stop signs, and speed limits. This includes inventory of fire extinguishers public buildings, Fire Hall, or youth programs, and emergency response. The Fire Department volunteer services/ training contact Fire Chief.

a.  Fire Truck/ Fire Hall (maintenance)
b.  Fire Prevention/ First Aid/ Youth Programs
c.  Fire Extinguisher/ Smoke Alarm (inventory)
d.  Road Safety/ Speed Limits/ Emergency Response/ Fire Rescue Drills

The safety services program or Municipal Training contact Community & Government Services Toll-Free: 1-844-975-5493, or Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Chief Administrative Officer 1-(867) 898-4600.

The Commercial/ Residential tenants is the responsibility of Clean Environment to maintain rental premises, or all services, and facilities provided of (Lot) to tenancy of Clean Environment, or Fire Safety.