Tenant Relations Officer

Ph. 867 898-9942
Fax: 867 898-9091
Contact: Tenant Relations Officer
Website: Nunavut Housing Corporation
The Public housing and GN staff housing, or Elders home, housing rents or rates updates, renovation program, emergency repairs or home repairs, and maintenance program, inventory or inspection maintenance of public housing units. The GN staff units, Elders home, or homeowners programs and services contact TRO or Kivalliq District Office 867 857-3150, Nunavut Housing Corporation.

The Public housing, renovation/ homeowners program, or repairs contact Tenant Relations Officer.

The Commercial or Residential tenants is responsibility of Clean Environment to maintain rental premises, or all services, and facilities provided of (Lot) to tenancy of Clean Environment, or Health Safety. The scrap metals such as atv parts, snowmobiles, tires, or vehicles should be disposed of metal scrap yard, or recycle container.