Pet Transportation, Immunization, Rabies/ SPCA

Ph. 867 898-4603
Contact: Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer
The Puppies or Dogs (Huskies or mixed-Breeds) for adoption, need good families to care for them, why not consider adopting one as a Pet. Puppies or dogs available for adoption on our Pet Adoption. Information on Transporting pets, Winnipeg shelter, Pet immunization, SPCA, animal Hospital or Humane Society, Veterinaries, and important Rabies information, or vaccines contact Community Economic Development Officer ph. 867-898-4600, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

The services or supplies on leases, collars, kennels, or dog foods visit Pets, Rabies vaccines, or Pet Products. The rabies vaccines Dog or Puppies (12 or 18 weeks of age) contact Health Centre 1-(867) 898-9968. The Rabies VACCINE, or DOG and PUPPY (12 to 18 weeks of age) rabies VACCINATION.

The Puppies or Dogs programs and services, rabies vaccines, training or vet’s visit Pet Adoption, or inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer 1-(867) 898-4603.

The SPCA, Animal Hospital/ Humane Society

a.  SPCA of Western Quebec
c.  TUXEDO Animal Hospital
d.  Iqaluit Humane Society
e.  Grant Park Animal Hospital
f.  Canadian Veterinary Medical Association
g.  Pet Travel/ Cargo

The programs and services, or training visit SPCA, Animal Hospital, or Humane Society.