Head Nurse I & II

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Contact: Head Nurse I & II
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The Nurses administration I & II works with community Health Nurses to provide administration, or Nursing services in expanded role to all clients, such as individuals, families, groups, and the community. The Nurse manages provision of medical services to Liaisons work development, maintain cooperative, and effective relationships with physicians, or other agencies, administration, Inuit organizations, or community interagency i.e. participates in interagency meetings to plan, implement and evaluate joint projects related to Health or plan, controlling and coordinating the provisions of community Health programs, and services in a designated service area.

This includes assess staff training plans, development needs to recommending training plans, providing orientation, guidance support, and training as required, or implement approved activities related to quality assurance programs etc.

The Health services and programs, employments, or Nursing visit Nunavut Nurses.