Justice Outreach Worker, Department of Justice

Ph. 867 898-9045
Fax: 867 898-9043
Contact: Outreach Worker
Website: Department of Justice
The Justice Outreach coordinates programs and services, or activities through Department of Justice. Provides support with Justice Committee, or coordinates local CJC diversion, and Crime prevention initiatives. Works and coordinate with local justice stakeholders, RCMP Detachment/ Corrections office, Family services, or Counsellor on local programs.

The Justice Outreach deliver programs, and act as liaison on training or education through programs, or interact with other departments, committees/ counsellor, or Career Development Officer, and education i.e. Human Resource, education program on training, or trades school, family services, or liaisons to assist clients on programs.

Outreach Programs & Services

Promotes programs and services with counselling groups sessions, or referrer to support with guidance counsellor i.e. Elders groups, crime prevention initiatives, cultural, or health initiatives programs.

The Outreach coordinates programs such as school visits, radio shows, crime prevention activities, training, youth/ elders programs, or referral to support groups on programs i.e. counsellors, advocacy groups, or grant programs.

The Justice Outreach programs & services, training, or funds contact Outreach Coordinator.