Iqalukpik Fish Plant, Commercial Fishery est. 1985

Ph. 867 898-9402
Contact: Manager
The Iqalukpik Fish Plant arctic char commercial fishery contact Manager, or Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer 867 898-4603. To register commercial Fishing Licence contact Conservation Officer 867 898-9130, Department of Environment.

Commercial Fishery

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant commercial fishery process freshly caught arctic char seven days or week June to September with two fish plant workers managing freshly harvested arctic char with local fishermen. The freshly caught char is whole dressed, and clean before delivered to plant for analyze, clean, weighed, and stored in two freezer units, or trailer. Then each packaged is process, and weighed 50 lbs. to 60 lbs. before ship twice a week to another commercial market distributor for process of the Kivalliq Arctic Foods Ltd.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant commercial fishery is able to process arctic char up to 22,000 lbs., or extra quota annually determine on commercial fishing season. The plant produces part-time employments with local fish plant fishery, and commercial fishermen with quota in Chesterfield Inlet waters. The plant provides service to local commercial fishery over thirty-seven years to sustain socio-economic development fishery in the Kivalliq region.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant commercial fishery contact Community Economic Development Officer 867 898-4603.

Fishery Program

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