Mental Health Nurse I & II

Ph. 867 898-9240
Fax: 867 898-9122
Contact: Mental Health Nurse
Website: Department of Health
The Health Nurse counsellor of the Keewatin Health and Social Services coordinates programs. The mental health nurse supports or liaison health professionals in assisting counselling clients to access services with primary health care or provides options of counselling program. Provides essential health related advice on programs or services in collaboration such as coordinator or counsellor, act as liaison on programs and services to initiate or assurance of positive public relation.

Interact or coordinates programs and services through liaison or interagency program support, participates with internal and external committees or program coordinator or liaison. Include educators such as elders group/ committee or mentors to apply cultural programs, knowledge value and traditions or resource programs where possible.

The programs and services, or employments visit Health Centre.