Food Security Coordinator

Ph. 867 898-4600
Contact: Food Security Coordinator
Web: Sustainable Food Security
The Food Security Coordinator, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet play a role in overseeing and managing the community food voucher program within the community. The position is responsible for the equitable distribution of food vouchers to eligible families, maintaining accurate records, and ensuring compliance with established guidelines on the programs and services.

The Coordinator liaison training, healthy food initiatives, outreach programs resources/ workshops, radio show, or youth, and students. This include cross-cultural programs, and food related infrastructure services in partnership of organizations/ groups, and the community.

The Food Bank programs or Nutrition North visit Community Food Centres Canada, Food Bank Canada, Nunavut Food Security, IKNC, or Nutrition North Program.

The Food Security Coordinator work closely with community members, and local stores to facilitate an efficient, and food assistance programs.