Community Engagement Facilitator

Ph. 867 898-9159
Contact: Community Engagement Facilitator
Website: Kivalliq Inuit Association
The Community Engagement Facilitator is a liaison between the KIA, and Fisheries & Oceans to ensure that marine protected area of interest is supported through Designated Inuit Organizations mandates/ community. The facilitator administer KIA open house meetings or resource information.

Workshop/ Training

We assistant with KIA, organizations/ DFO, or local members on workshops/ conference, programs and services, public notice/ schedule meetings, training, or liaison between KIA and Fisheries & Oceans/ Designated Inuit Organizations, or departments, and public. The conference room, or kitchen/ canteen contact Kivalliq Inuit Association.

The Facilitator liaison between KIA, and Fisheries & Oceans, DIO’s/ Departments, or Public meeting.