Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation programs or grants for business, arts & crafts, to register a business with WSCC, Canada Revenue Agency, insurance, Outfitter licence, business licence/ Regulation, or Commercial lot. The Guide to Start a Business, business plan, cashflow/ funds, or loan inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, CEDO 1-(867) 898-4603.

The Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer will provide resource on programs, Outfitter permit, or to Register a business licence/ policy, or insurance. The Business/ Tourism Outfitter operating in Chesterfield Inlet must register Business licence/ Tourism permit.

Below you will find a short description of programs.

a.  Small Business Support
b.  Arts & Crafts Development
c.  Strategic Investment Program
d.  Community Tourism & Cultural Industries
e.  Tourism Outfitter Licence

The programs and services visit Department of Economic Development & Transportation.

Steps to register Business licence, Insurance/ Commercial Lot

a.  Register Business, Workers’ Safety & Compensation Commission
b.  Register Business, Canada Revenue Agency
c.  Business License ‘B’, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet
d.  Business Fees ‘C’, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet
e.  Business Insurance
f.   Legal Registry, Department of Justice
g.  Commercial Lot, Community & Government Services
h.  Tourism Outfitter Licence
i.   NNI Business Registry
j.   Business Plan

To register business licence, Outfitter licence, insurance/ policy, or commercial lot inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer 1-(867) 898-4603.

Programs and Services

a.  Government of Nunavut
b.  Service Canada
c.  CanNor
d.  Kivalliq Inuit Association
e.  Canada Business Network, Small Business Support Program
f.   Department of Economic Development & Transportation
g.  Tourism Establishment & Outfitter Licence
h.  Kivalliq Mine Training Society
i.   Federation of Canadian Municipalities
j.   Infrastructure Canada
k.  Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce

The Federal & Territorial Programs, Outfitter Licence, or Training.

Loan Programs

a.  Atuqtuarvik Corporation
b.  Nunavut Business Credit Corporation
c.  Kivalliq Business Development Centre
d.  First Nations Bank of Canada