Member of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly, Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. (867) 898-9260
Contact: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet 
Website: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet
Chesterfield Inlet Constituency Assistant Office
1-(867) 898-9260
Rankin Inlet Constituency Assistant Office
1-(867) 645-4900
The service to Constituents, coordinates activities, or guidance of Members in the Constituency/ Cabinets, or Standing Committees, and the Premier. Consult members of Chesterfield Inlet, and Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet Mayor, Councillors, or Chief Administrative Officer on local issues, Municipal Affairs & services, or infrastructure.

The Constituency support to Members, Municipal Government, and its riding, or to designated Constituents access to Members information, and the Legislative Assembly.

Program & Services

a.  The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
b.  Government of Nunavut