Aqigiq Hunters Trappers Association

Ph. 867 898-9063
Fax: 867 898-9079
Contact: Secretary
Website: Nunavut Wildlife Management Board
The Aqigiq HTA promotes awareness of wildlife management/ research, marine conservation/ harvesting, training on first aid/ safety, environmental management program, Kivalliq Wildlife Board funds, or updates on HTA goals & objectives/ socio-economic, or Fish Plant commercial fishery programs and services visit Aqigiq Hunters Trappers Association.

The wildlife/ marine conservation or environmental programs, and training contact HTA Secretary.

The HTO administer sustainable resource practices on environmental impacts, or coordinates public consultations on harvesting/ migratory birds, wildlife, or marine mammal mandates/ conservation.

Programs & Services

The HTA implement programs and promotes safe, or sustainable harvesting practices through education/ IQ mentorship program, Kivalliq Wildlife Board programs & services/ training on harvesting study, marine conservation, wildlife, or migratory birds research with Fisheries & Sealing programs, or Nunavut Wildlife Management Board programs.

The HTA coordinates programs and services through Kivalliq Wildlife Board, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, campuses/ biologist research, Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Environment, or Fisheries, Department of ED&T.

Environment & Wildlife

The Hunters Trappers Association coordinates DIO programs, or mandate of departments, and act as liaison. Provides resource on wildlife, marine mammals, migratory birds, caribou migration, caribou calving grounds, fish habitat/ char quota, wildlife research/ monitoring program, fishery research, stewardship of environmental management, traditional place names, or country food harvest.

The marine ecosystem, wildlife board/ training, wildlife management to protection of environment, or policy development visit Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.

Training Program

The research programs and services visit WWF, Salmon Research, Nunavut Coastal Inventory, Caribou Management Board, Kivalliq Wildlife Board, Nunavut Aquatic Monitoring Program/ Nunavut Research, or Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.

The HTA programs & services inquire Secretary, or Executive Director (867) 645-4860, KWB, Kivalliq Region.