Historical Walking Tour

Our Self-guided walking tours of Chesterfield Inlet encourage visitors to learn about our community’s History, culture and way of life. Consider visiting the nearby Thule sites, where sod plantains foreground are still visible, or other stone structures. Take a photo op of tent rings, kayak stands, food caches, or fox traps made of stone. For details about our Community or History, download our brochure: Guided Walking Tour

There are several fishing areas near the community or along Bay front coast Spurrell harbour, within walking distance or ATV, all-terrain vehicle trail. Try your luck to catch a lake trout, arctic grayling, white fish, cod or arctic char. Take photo op of breathtaking scenery of surrounding land area or Bay front waters, the plant life, berries, birds, the wildlife or marine mammals, and archaeological or Heritage sites back-in-time, the Thule sites or request for a tour of the Heritage buildings or Fox Trap island. Eco boat trips, canoe, kayak or ATV day trail can be arranged with local Guides June, July, August or September weather permitting, or to Fullerton Harbour to tour the original Royal North West Mounted Police barracks est. 1901, in turn of the century by the Federal Government. Cape Fullerton R.N.W.M.P post was set up, mainly to serve as a customs post for activities of the American whalers, and to administer whaling licences, collect customs, control the flow of liquor and to maintain order.

Fullerton Harbour was a popular wintering station for American and Scottish whaling ships, and a trading point between Inuit, and the Euro-American whalers. Depot island was also a anchor Harbour during open water season or winter Station with early Explorers, or Whalers. This followed fur-pelt trade post of the Hudson’s Bay Company Ltd. est. 1911, the R.C. Mission est. 1912, and the Grey Nun’s of Nicolet, Quebec est. 1930’s in Chesterfield Inlet post. When whaling declined, the R.N.W.M.P barracks moved to Chesterfield Inlet, and Fullerton out-post was used only part time by Mounties, as a stop on patrols for many years to remote Inuit camps, or other out-posts along coastal areas, and inland with the R.N.W.M.P Inuit Guides on dog team, boat/ canoe.

To inquire volunteer spring fishing derby activities, long weekend events or Hamlet day celebration May, day after Victoria Day or June contact Recreation Coordinator phone: 1-867- 898-9081. Information on Dog-team sled day trips or rates contact Dog Team Guide. Experience 24 hour daylight, spring or summer. In winter, sunrise and sunset day length is approx. six to seven hours, December to February. Experience or take a photo op of Northern lights glint scenery in the evening. The Iqalukpik Fish plant arctic char Commercial Fishery operates June to September, fishing licence can be obtain by the Conservation Officer, Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut phone: 1-867- 898-9130.

Historical Walking Tour

  1. Noel Nuvak Arena
  2. Community Freezer
  3. Victor Sammurtok School
  4. Qulliq Energy Corporation
  5. Hamlet Office (Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet-Municipal Government)
  6. Pitsiulak Co-op Association Ltd. Store, and Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North
  7. Northern Store
  8. Tank Farm (Fuel Service)
  9. Pimakslirvik Corporation (Home Care), and Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation
  10. Kajuqjuk Health Centre
  11. Nunavut Arctic College Learning Centre
  12. Kingnguvaaq Ltd. Retail Store, Taxi, Cargo, and Calm Air Agent
  13. Notre Dame De La Deliverande Roman Catholic Mission, and Community Drop-In Centre
  14. Chesterfield Inlet Housing Association
  15. Department of Community and Government Services
  16. Iqalukpik Fish Plant
  17. Chesterfield Inlet R.C.M.P. Detachment
  18. Hamlet Garages
  19. Pairivik Daycare Centre
  20. Pitsiulak Co-op Association Ltd. (Warehouse)
  21. Fire Hall
  22. Naja Isabelle Home Care (Residential Care Facility), The Department of Health
  23. Reservoir

Historical Sites

  1. M.O.T. (Ministry of Transport) Staff House Building’s (B)
  2. Grave Site of R.C.M.P. Officers’ Wife (O)
  3. First School (Sir Joseph-Bernier Federal Day School), presently Hotel, Store and Offices (H)
  4. St. Theresa Hospital (G)
  5. Hudson’s Bay Company (Depot and Trading Post) (F)
  6. Hudson’s Bay Company (Pig Shed) (E)
  7. Mission Power House (K)
  8. Hudson’s Bay Company (Post or Managers House) (J)
  9. Mission Hospital Freezer and Storage Shed (D)
  10. Hudson’s Bay Company (Post/ Staff House and Shed for Drying Fox Furs) (M)
  11. Ministry of Transport Power House (N)
  12. R.C.M.P. Post (Post-Office, Staff House and Office) (C)
  13. R.C.M.P. Building’s Sites (Q)
  14. Ministry of Transport (First Radio Station) (A)
  15. Ministry of Transport (Radio Station and Weather or Research Station) (P)
  16. Hudson’s Bay Company (Coal Storage) (L)
  17. Government Staff House (Teachers) (R)
  18. Mission Staff House (S)
  19. Mission Storage Buildings (T)
  20. Mission Hospital Green House (U)
  21. Turquetil Hall Site (V)