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Contact Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North Toll-Free: 1-888-866-6784 (Reservation) Ph: 1-867-898-9975, or Bed & Breakfast Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation Ph: 1-867-898-9292 (Reservation). Inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer Ph: 1-867-898-9206.

Chesterfield Inlet guarantees fishing trip of a lifetime being close to several fishing spots. You’ll find arctic char and lake trout. Local outfitters or guides will able to take you for day fishing, not to be forgotten. In addition, the Trans Canada Trail goes through this northern trail.


Fish in a river, troll on the waters of Hudson Bay, go ice fishing or cast from the shore. Expect to catch arctic grayling, lake trout, white fish, cod or char. Arctic char fishing is best done on frozen lakes April or May, and June to August along the coast.

Outfitters can take you on a package tour to fishing sites on shore or fishing lake. In summer, arranged travel on a boat day trip or ATV trail to cast lake trout or arctic char. Visitors or adventurers explore this area by canoe or kayak. Small planes or helicopters can be arranged on charter summer or fall, weather permitting. In summer, arm yourself against mosquitoes. Fishing licences’ must be obtain from the Conservation Officer, Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut phone: (867) 898-9130


Chesterfield Inlet is home to large healthy herd of tundra caribou. There is an opportunity for a successful hunt to be added to record book of trophy. Outpost camps are generally located different areas along the coast. These camps or day trips are accessible boat trip or ATV trail near Chesterfield Inlet, or various areas of outpost guides, tourism outfitters, or tour operators.

Trek vast scenery of tundra landscape, or experience hospitality of Inuit culture. Caribou tags must be issued by the Conservation Officer for licence big game guides, or tourism outfitters for sport hunt. Sport hunting licence must be obtained from Conservation Officer, the Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut. Caribou sport hunt begin August 15, ends June 30 of every season.

It is important to plan your visit before trail hiking, canoe, or kayak. Trekkers or visitors can inquire information on wildlife before trail outing or hiking. Information on wildlife or marine mammals contact Aqigiq Hunters & Trappers Organization phone: 1-867-898-9063, or Conservation Officer, Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut phone: 1-867-898-9130

Information related to sport outfitter licence, travel, or tourism licence contact Conservation Officer, the Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut phone: 1-867-898-9130

Chesterfield Inlet Outfitters or Guides can organize:

  • wildlife watching adventures
  • hiking on the tundra
  • day-long sports fishing & camp; hunting expeditions
  • visits with local carvers
  • boating trips or eco-tourism
  • atv day trips
  • kayak trips
  • dog team sled day trip

Information on Tourism Outfitters, Guides or Dog-Team day trip:

Tourism Outfitters or Guides contact Community Economic Development Officer phone: 1-867-898-9206, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet. For accommodation contact Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North Toll-Free: 1-888-866-6784 (Reservation) phone: 1-867-898-9975 (Manager), or Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation Bed & Breakfast phone: 1-867-898-9292 (Reservation). Information on Dog Team day trip or rate contact Dog Team Guide

Note: Licence tourism Outfitters or Guides determine upon Annual Licence renewal.