The Water Quality, and Soil Test Program

The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet water quality and soil test program services, the fresh water Lake Environment, analysis of sediment and soil, reservoir or water treatment plant, and pump house. The water quality weekly samples, or microbiological testing, survey of contaminated soil, or sand fill site, sewage lagoon, and quarry materials inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet for update.

The Management of the Environment, and Laboratory programs and services contact ALS Global ph 204-255-9720, Winnipeg, Manitoba – Environmental Laboratory programs and services. The Community & Government Services, Kivalliq Regional Office contact Municipal Planning ph 867-645-8176.

The Water Quality or Soil Test services (weekly samples) contact Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Foreman ph 867-898-9939, or Chief Executive Officer ph 867-898-9951.

Water Service

Monday to Sunday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm contact Receptionist-Clerk ph 867-898-9951 (weekdays). The Municipal commercial and industrial water treatment plan visit Infrastructure Canada, Nunavut Rural Infrastructure program, or Federation of Canadian Municipalities.