The Quarry, Mobile Screener, and cone Crusher

The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet quarry materials, mobile Screener (Powerscreen MK II), mobile cone Crusher (metso Lokotrack LT200HP), or rates on the gravel screen 130.00/m3, crush 160.00/m3, or pit run unscreened 80.00/m3. The equipment rates front end Loader 300.00/hr, Dozer 300/hr, Grader 300/hr, or Dump truck 10 yard 200/hr.

The Municipal roads maintenance or access trails, culverts, dock, quarry development/ excavation or hauling, and gravel road summer dust control suppression is administered annually by the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet. This includes services and maintenance of landfill site, metal scrap yard, sewage lagoon, residential or commercial lots, excavation/ grading gravel roads, barge unloading beach, and road ditch/ puddles, or roadside culverts drainage.

The quarry or gravel, mobile screener, cone crusher, heavy equipment rates, dock, culverts, or access trail, and training contact Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Chief Administrative Officer ph. 867-898-4602.