The Municipal Plan and Lands

The Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet quarry materials, roads maintenance, dust suppression on unpaved roads, access roads, recreation or access trail, culverts, metal or wood scrap yard, sewage lagoon, the landfill, and commercial or residential lot, and community map, or the community plan, and zoning by-law.

The Municipal plans, and infrastructure on gravel roads, summer dust control, community dock, or floating dock, pole lights, barge unloading cargo dock, or Bay front beach, heritage, or archaeological sites, mobile screener, or cone crusher contact Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Foreman ph: 867-898-9939, or Chief Executive Officer ph: 867-898-9951.

The Municipal Lands contact Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Lands Officer phone: 867-898-9951, or the Community & Government Services, Government of Nunavut.

The Community & Government Services

The Community Planning and Lands contact Lands Administrator phone: 867-645-8115, Community & Government Services, Kivalliq Regional Office , or the Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut.