Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet

The Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (Municipal Government) and Public Service consists of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and seven Council members. The elected Mayor or Councillors represent the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet with Plans, Decisions or its’ Roles and Responsibilities to Training and Programs, Recreation Development, Access Road or Infrastructure Initiatives to Sustainable Economic Development, and Tourism or its’ Goals and Objectives etc. on behalf of the Community.

MayorSimionie Sammurtok
Deputy Mayor:  Jimmy Krako
Councillors:  Sandra Simik, Leonie Mimialik, Solomon Autut, Jerome Misheralak, Louis Autut, Tony Amauyak and Angeline Simik

Hamlet Council meetings are scheduled Tuesday 1:30 pm (second and fourth week) of each month, open to public. Information on the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Council meetings contact Receptionist Clerk (Hamlet Office) phone: 1-867-898-9951 or download agenda. Information on community Development programs, services, training or Nunavut Association of Municipalities (NAM) or guidelines for Councillors roles and responsibilities visit: Community and Government Services or Municipal Training Organization

Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet – Municipal Government

Mayor Simionie Sammurtok (867) 898-9951
Deputy Mayor
Deputy Mayor Jimmy Krako
Councillor Sandra Simik
Councillor Leonie Mimialik
Councillor Solomon Autut
Councillor Jerome Misheralak
Councillor Louis Autut
Councillor Tony Amauyak
Councillor Angeline Simik
Senior Administrative Officer Paul Sammurtok (867) 898-9926
Hamlet Lands Officer Gloria Thompson (867) 898-9951
Community Economic Development Officer David Kattegatsiak (867) 898-9206
Receptionist/ Clerk Diane Tanuyak (867) 898-9951
Finance Officer Lillian Simik (867) 898-9951
Municipal Service & Maintenance
Hamlet Foreman Don Tanuyak (867) 898-9939
Hamlet Mechanic Remi Aggark (867) 898-9939
Hamlet Mechanic (Assistant) James Mullins (867) 898-9939
Hamlet Building Maintainer Nipi Alogut (867) 898-9951
Recreation & Wellness Coordinator
Recreation Coordinator Greg Tanuyak (867) 898-9081
Wellness Coordinator Kaylie Kattegatsiak (867) 898-9830
Recreation Facility Maintainer Eric Nanout (867) 898-9081
Justice Outreach Worker Vacant (867) 898-9951
Community Aerodrome Radio Station
Observer/ Communicator 1 Corey Aggark (867) 898-9940
Observer/ Communicator 2 Jordon Putulik (867) 898-9940
Agnico-Eagle Mines LTD.
Community Coordinator (Human Resource) Randy Boiteau (867) 898-9951
By-Law Enforcement/ Fire Department
By-Law Officer/ Fire Chief Ralph Simik (867) 898-9951
Radio Station 93.3 FM Sigjaqpaluk (CICH)
Radio Programme Mark Amarok (867) 898-9934