• Accommodation and Dining
  • Business Licence, Hamlet Rates, and Lottery Licence
  • Carvers, Artisans, and Dog Team Sled Day Trip
  • Contracting Equipment, Service, and Maintenance
  • Network Telecommunications
  • Retail, and Hardware Stores
  • Technical Communications, and Services
  • The Aqigiq Hunters Trappers Association, and Kivalliq Inuit Association
  • The Department of Economic Development & Transportation Programs, Services, or Loans
  • The Fire Department, and By-law Officer
  • The Government of Nunavut, Departments
  • The Housing Association
  • The Iqalukpik Fish Plant
  • The Kajuqjuk Health Centre, Department of Health
  • The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
  • The Municipal Service
  • The Naja Isabelle Home, Family Services, Government of Nunavut
  • The Notre Dame de la Deliverance, Roman Catholic Mission
  • The Pet Transport, Immunization, Rabies/ SPCA
  • The Public Service
  • Transportation, Shipping, or Travel Agent
  • Victor Sammurtok School, and Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre)
  • Wellness, and Justice Outreach Programs

Accommodation and Dining

Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation Bed & Breakfast

Ph. 867-898-9292 (Reservation) or 867-898-9292 (B&B)
Contact: Manager
Bed & Breakfast self-serve accommodation.

Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North

Ph. 867-898-9975 (Reservation) or 867-898-9190 (Hotel)
Toll-Free Reservation: 1-888-866-6784
Contact: Manager
Website: Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North
Hotel and meals for guests, employments, cooks, or training contact Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.

Business Licence, Hamlet Rates, and Lottery Licence

Business Licence, Rates, and Lottery Licence, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867-898-4600
Contact: Finance Officer
The Business licence fees, or to obtain business licence By-law No. 60 form ‘A’ and ‘B’, and application Schedule ‘C’, or Hamlet rates Schedule ‘A’. The business premises compliance By-Law No. 60, Sanitary, Health, Zoning, Parking, Structural, or Fire Hazard conditions concern contact Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Chief Administrative Officer ph. 1-867-898-4600, or Receptionist Clerk.

The Municipal service rates, business licence, or business premises compliance requirements By-law No. 60, policy on Sanitary, Health, Zoning, Parking, Structural, or Fire Hazard conditions concern inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

To obtain business licence, or renew in Chesterfield Inlet boundary require business licence. Forms can be obtain by Finance Officer ph. 1-867-898-4600.

Business Licence

Lottery Licence

The lottery licence application, or services, and fee regulations contact Hamlet of Chesterfield InletChief Administrative Officer ph. (867) 898-4600, or inquire  Consumer Affairs, Community & Government Services Toll-Free: (866) 223-8139.

Carvers, Artisans, and Dog Team Sled Day Trip

Carvers and Artisans

Ph. 867-898-4603
Contact: Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer
The artisans or carvers contact Community Economic Development Office, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

Dog Team Sled Day Trip

ContactDog Team Guide
The Dog-team sled day trips, excursion or rates contact Dog-team sled Guide.

Contracting Equipment, Service, and Maintenance

Aulajuq Limited

Ph. 867-898-9175
Contact: Manager
The equipment rates, hauling, snow removal, airport maintenance, or general contracting.

Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation

Ph. 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Website: Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation
The financial bookkeeping, accounting, bobcat rental or road maintenance, and snow removal, B&B (bed & breakfast), hardware store, school bus service, calm air travel agent, and cartage service.

Drywall and Painting

Ph. 867-898-9837
The general contractor in drywall, paint or taping.

Network Telecommunications

NorthwesTel Inc.

Customer Service: Toll-Free 1-888-423-2333
NorthwesTel network and telecommunication service.


Customer Service: Toll Free 1-877-686-2888
Qiniq network, telecommunication service or customer support.


Customer Service: Toll-Free 1-866-841-6001
Xplornet network or internet service.

Retail, and Hardware Stores

Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation Hardware Store

Ph. 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Manager
Website: Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation
Retail store, hardware, tools, lumber, general merchandise assortments, frozen meat, arctic char or smoke char (Kivalliq Arctic Foods Ltd.), or aftermarket snowmobile parts.

Store Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Northern Store

Ph. 867-898-9920
Fax: 867-898-9160
Contact: Manager
Website: Northern Store
Retail store, hardware, ATM, offer groceries, fresh produce or meat, and general merchandise assortment, or inventory includes men’s, ladies, children’s clothing, footwear, general housewares, stationery, toys, sporting goods, stereo equipment or furniture, coffee self-serve, water dispenser service, and Canada Post. Retail, warehouse and distribution careers, Northern Store services and programs, or employments contact The North West Company.

Store Hours: Monday to Wednesday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm, & Thursday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 8:00 pm, and Sunday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Pitsiulak Co-operatives Ltd. est. 1971

Ph. 867-898-9975
Fax: 867-898-9056
Contact: Manager
Website: Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.
General retail store, hardware or tools, fuel service contract (petroleum products division), cable television service, ATM, offer variety assortment of groceries, fresh produce or meat, and general merchandise assortment or inventory – includes men’s, ladies, children’s clothing, footwear, general housewares, stationary, toys, sporting goods, stereo equipment, arts & crafts, coffee self-serve, and furniture. Retail management career or assistant, Inns North Hotel cook, program service, mission objectives, directors, funds, employments and training, or Northern Images contact Arctic Co-operatives Ltd.

ACL programs and services, education or training, economic growth, human resource, quality market products and merchandise, arts & crafts or local resource, Co-operatives membership, community social and economic development strategy, roles and responsibility mandate, environmental or reduce waste program, and infrastructure funds, or governance model of Co-operatives Ltd. contact Manager, or ACL Headquarter, District Support Advisor ph. 204-697-2243.

Store Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm & Sunday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Technical Communications, and Services

CBC Radio 107.10 FM

Ph. 867-898-4600
Contact: Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer
Website: CBC North
Chesterfield Inlet CBC Radio 107.10 FM broadcast.

Pitsiulak Co-operatives Limited

Ph. 867-898-9981
Fax: 867-898-9056
Contact: Manager
Website: Arctic Co-opertives Limited
Cable television service or advertisement

The Aqigiq Hunters Trappers Association, and Kivalliq Inuit Association

Aqigiq Hunters Trappers Association

Ph. 867-898-9063
Fax: 867-898-9079
Contact: Secretary
Website: Nunavut Wildlife Management Board
The Aqigiq HTA promotes awareness of wildlife management, marine conservation, harvesting, or training on first aid, or safety, updates members on HTA goals and objectives, or programs. Manages sustainable resource practices on environmental impacts, or coordinates public consultations on harvesting, migratory birds, wildlife, or marine mammal mandates.

Implement programs and promotes safe, or sustainable harvesting practices through education, and training on harvesting study, marine conservation, wildlife, or migratory birds research with Fisheries & Sealing programs, or Nunavut Inuit Wildlife Secretariat. The HTA coordinates programs and services through Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated, campuses, biologists/ bio-labs research, or Fisheries & Oceans CanadaEnvironment, and Fisheries & Sealing.

The Hunters Trappers Association coordinates DIO programs, or mandate of departments, and act as liaison. Provides resource on wildlife, marine mammals, migratory birds, caribou migration, caribou calving grounds, fish habitat, traditional place names, country food harvest, marine ecosystem, wildlife board, wildlife management to protection of environment, and policy development.

The research programs and services contact WWFSalmon ResearchNunavut Coastal Inventory, Caribou Management BoardKivalliq Wildlife Board, Nunavut Aquatic Monitoring Program, or Nunavut Wildlife Management Board.

The HTA programs, or training contact Secretary ph. 867-898-9063, or Executive Director ph. 867-645-4860, Nunavut Inuit Wildlife Secretariat, Kivalliq Regional Office.

Kivalliq Inuit Association

Ph. 867-898-9159
Fax: 867-898-9161
Contact: Liaison Officer
Website: Kivalliq Inuit Association
The Community Liaison Officer administer cultural program, contribution to small business, artisan and training, carpentry/ industrial shop, land based program, Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated programs and services, or NTI enrollment. The programs and services, cultural visitors centre, food bank program, or resource provisions of the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement contact Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

The KIA programs and services, or Cultural Visitors Centre contact Community Liaison Officer ph. 867-898-9159.

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation Programs, Services, or Loans

Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer

The Department of Economic Development & Transportation programs and services, or grants for business, arts & crafts, to register a business with the WSCC, Canada Revenue Agency, insurance, and Hamlet business licence, or Commercial lot, Guide to Start a Business, business plan, cash flow, funds or loan contact Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer phone (867) 898-4603. Below you will find a short description of programs.

The Economic Development Office, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet will provide resource on programs, or service to register a business licence, or insurance.

Register Business, Licence, Insurance, or Commercial Lot

Steps to register Business licence, insurance, commercial lot, or registration:

Register business licence, insurance, or commercial lot inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer ph. 867-898-4603, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

Programs and Services

The Federal and Territorial grant programs and services, Outfitter licence, or Training.

Loan Programs

The Fire Department, and By-law Officer

Fire Department, and By-law Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867-898-9787 (By-law Officer) or 867-898-4422 (Emergency)
Contact: By-law Officer
Fire Chief: Anulik Kadjuk or Members: Carl Amarok, Ryan Kreelak, Corey Aggark, Darius Kreelak, Trevor Thompson, David Turner, and Mathew Arnauyok.
The Chesterfield Inlet Fire Department volunteer services contact Fire Chief, or By-law Officer. The volunteer Fire Department consist of nine volunteers. The volunteer practice fire drill twice a month in an emergency response, and fire rescue service drills. The Fire Department meets on regular basis for weekly equipment checks, and inventory, or maintenance of fire truck, and Fire Hall including other safety drills, and first aid, to an investigation of fire scene, or fire prevention inspection, and training.

The Municipal By-law Officer is responsible for enforcement of community speed limits, ATV enforcement or safety, and curfew (after midnight), safety training, first aid, designated intersection of roads safety signage, or maintenance of stop signs, and speed limits. This includes inventory of fire extinguishers public buildings, Fire Hall, and emergency response under administration of the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (Municipal Government).

The safety services, and programs, or training contact Community & Government ServicesMunicipal Training Organization, or Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, Chief Administrative Officer ph. 867-898-4600.

The Government of Nunavut, Departments

Conservation Officer

Ph. 867-898-9130
Fax: 867-898-9135
Contact: Conservation Officer
Website: Department of Environment
The Conservation Officer coordinates to ensure compliance with or administer policy, and guidelines of Department of Environment regulations or protection. Enforce provisions of the Environmental protection, the acts or regulations, and orders made under the acts.

Issues fishing licence, caribou tags for licence big game guides, tourism outfitters, or tour operators in caribou sport hunt. The programs and services contact Department of Environment.

Family Services

Ph. 867-898-9274
Fax: 867-898-9600
Contact: Income Support Officer
Website: Family Services
The Income Support Officer works and coordinate with interagency such as the Adult Educator, EDO, school Staff, Career development, community groups, liaison’s and Human Resource, or organizations. Coordinates community career resource for clients on employment or training programs available to clients, individuals, or families by providing programs information, and services through interagency groups to support, and promote wellness or resource.

Develops working relationship with community and regional services that may be referred to Social Worker, Alcohol and Drug Coordinator or Justice Outreach Worker, Adult Educator, school Staff, Career Development, Human Resource, Liaison’s or Student Financial Assistance programs, and campuses. Develops or coordinates local services programs such as network, update client resume to build on clients, or individuals access to education, training, volunteer, or employment. The programs and services, or employments contact Family Services.

Government Liaison Officer

Ph. 867-898-9019
Fax: 867-898-9121
ContactGovernment Liaison Officer
Website: Executive & Intergovernmental Affairs
The Nunavut Government programs and services, training or drivers licence written test $30.25, learners licence $68.40, road test $30.25, upgrade to class 5 $15.40, or licence renewal $68.40, ATV, or vehicle registration, and passport application. The GLO Office provides resource, or public notice.

The GLO programs and services contact Government Liaison Officer, or Motor Vehicles Division, Kivalliq Regional Office ph. 867-645-8466.

Maintenance I & II

Ph. 867-898-9914
Fax: 867-898-9064
Contact: Facility Maintenance I & II
Website: Community and Government Services
The Maintenance public works and services GN buildings, Victor Sammurtok School, Naja Isabelle Home, Health Centre, Nunavut Arctic College, Conservation Office, or School bus.

Qulliq Energy Corporation

Ph. 867-898-1201
Toll-Free: 1-800-491-8116
Website: Qulliq Energy Corporation
E-mail: Customer Care
Electric company utilities, services, or net meter program.

Social Service Worker

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Social Service Worker
Website: Family Services
The Social Service worker coordinates with local health staff in counselling or programs with support groups or mental Health Care, and Career development or campus resource programs. Refer clients with resource programs and services such as Career Development, Adult Educator, or Human Resource on training, education or employment. Facilitate support groups, individuals and family, or group counseling. Hospice and palliative care support through CSSW initiative programs and services, or promotes health, and poverty reduction program with various interagency services.

The referrer to Career development, training agencies, Human Resource or college programs and services, available to family or individuals through liaison, campuses, student counsellor or College Learning centre, and student funds or training program application. Coordinates clients on program services with Liaisons, Organizations, Human resource, and Career development, college or training programs. The programs and services, or employments contact Family Services.

The Housing Association


Ph. 867-898-9979
Fax: 867-898-9091
Contact: Foreman
Website: Nunavut Housing Corporation
Maintenance service and inventory of public housing units, Government of Nunavut staff housing, Elders apartment, or homeowners.

Maintenance Management System Clerk

Ph. 867-898-9942
Contact: Maintenance System Clerk
Website: Nunavut Housing Corporation
Housing maintenance service and tenants work order, Housing garage/ workshop inventory, condition rating inspection, preventive maintenance of public housing, GN staff units and Elders home, or Elders home/ home ownership program, and application contact MMOS Clerk.


Ph. 867-898-9942
Fax: 867-898-9091
Contact: Manager
Website: Nunavut Housing Corporation
Housing administers public housing and GN staff units, or Elders home, and maintenance service. Act as liaison on GN staff housing, public housing, home ownership program, Elders home or manages maintenance services, inventory and renovation program of the public housing, Nunavut Government staff housing, or Elders home. Housing consists of seven elected Board members. The programs and services, employments, or training contact Manager.

Secretary Clerk

Ph. 867-898-9942
Fax: 867-898-9091
Contact: Secretary-Clerk
Website: Nunavut Housing Corporation
Public housing and GN staff units, or Elders home, inventory and maintenance services, housing programs, or board members contact Clerk.

Tenant Relations Officer

Ph. 867-898-9942
Fax: 867-898-9091
Contact: Tenant Relations Officer
Website: Nunavut Housing Corporation
Public housing and GN staff housing, or Elders home, housing rents or rates updates, renovation program, emergency repairs or home repairs, and maintenance program, inventory or inspection maintenance on public housing, GN staff units, Elders home, or homeowners contact TRO, or the Kivalliq District Office ph. 867-857-3150, Nunavut Housing Corporation.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant

Iqalukpik Fish Plant, Commercial Fishery, est. 1985

Ph. 867-898-9402
Contact: Manager
The Iqalukpik Fish Plant arctic char commercial fishery contact Manager, or Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer ph. 867-898-4603, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet. To register commercial Fishing Licences, contact Conservation Officer ph. 867-898-9130, Department of Environment, Government of Nunavut.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant commercial fishery process freshly caught arctic char seven days or week June to September with two fish plant workers managing freshly harvested arctic char with local fishermen. The freshly caught char is whole dressed, and clean before delivered to plant for analyze, clean, weighed, and stored in two freezer units, or trailer. Then each packaged is process, and weighed to approx. 50 to 60 lbs. before ship twice a week to another commercial market distributor for process of the Kivalliq Arctic Foods Ltd.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant commercial fishery is able to process arctic char up to approx. 22,000 lbs., or extra quota annually determine on commercial fishing season. The plant produces part-time employments with local fish plant fishery, and commercial fishermen. The plant been in service to local commercial fishermen over thirty-five years, originally initiated to the community, as a commercial guide fishery program to sustain economic development in the Kivalliq region.

The Iqalukpik Fish Plant commercial fishery contact Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer ph. 867-898-4603, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

The Programs and Services

The Fisheries research programs, Small Craft Harbour, Infrastructure, Tender, Coastal resource, Sustainable to Economic Development, Commercial quota, or Species visit Fisheries and Oceans, Arctic Salmon, or Department of Economic Development & Transportation, or Infrastructure Canada.

The Kajuqjuk Health Centre, Department of Health


Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact Caretaker
Website: Department of Health
The Caretaker provides general assistance to the Health Centre such as interpreting as needed, and courier/ function member of Health Care team i.e. supervisor, health programs, community nurse, support staff, and other members of the Health team or custodian duties, security, as well as routine building, equipment and vehicle maintenance. Information on caretaker programs and service, or employments contact Health Centre.

Children’s Oral Health Coordinator

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact Children’s Oral Health Coordinator
Website: Department of Health
The program provides priority dental care, works in partnership with local members or health services, and schools to increase oral health knowledge, raise awareness of pathways to dental care, provides cultural awareness training to SA dental service staff, supports a range of community health events, or programs to promote oral health. Information on children’s oral health program services, or employment.

Clerk Interpreter I & II

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Clerk Interpreter I & II
Website: Department of Health
Information on Inuktitut interpreter, updates on public health programs and services, or employments contact Health Centre.

Community Health Nurse I & II

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Health Nurse I & II
Website: Department of Health
The Community Health Nurse provides community health services in collaboration of healthcare team served individuals or families at Health Centre. The Health Nurse assists clients in promotion, protection and restoration of health in order to prevent/ provision of health interventions (health promotion, occupational health and safety, public health, community development to therapeutic treatment) to implement direct association on health status of clients, and the community.

Demonstrates awareness of Inuit culture and traditions and incorporating this knowledge into practice, recognize or react to cultural differences in the delivery of client education services, as part of the Health Care team participates in ongoing evaluation of community Health programs and services, modifying programs for appropriateness or act as resource to community health representative, or conduct wide variety of specialty public health clinics i.e. Health education classes or sessions, and school health care programs etc. Information on Local Health Nurse Programs and services, or Registered Nurse employments.

Community Health Representative

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Health Representative
Website: Department of Health
The program coordinator promotes health education in schools and public by identifying health education needs, organizing or planning, and providing group education sessions with variety of health topics using multimedia tools i.e. weekly radio shows, sourcing or providing health education resources, designing and assisting in production of health education materials or cultural.

The health representative assists individuals in a variety of settings to learn about health lifestyles for individuals or family on counselling, and to function as a liaison between health care team, and members to maintain active relationship with other agencies involved in the community health, and well being i.e. health committees, interagency, women’s groups, or hamlet councils. Information on health representative programs, services, and employments.

Head Nurse I & II

Ph. 867-898-9968
Fax: 867-898-9122
Contact: Head Nurse I & II
Website: Department of Health
The Nurses in Charge I & II works with community Health Nurses to provide administration, or Nursing services in expanded role to all clients, such as individuals, families, groups, and the community. The Nurse manages provision of medical services to Liaisons work development, maintain cooperative, and effective relationships with physicians, or other agencies, administration, Inuit organizations, or community interagency i.e. participates in interagency meetings to plan, implement and evaluate joint projects related to Health or plan, controlling and coordinating the provisions of community Health programs, and services in a designated service area.

This includes assess staff training plans, development needs to recommending training plans, providing orientation, guidance support, and training as required, or implement approved activities related to quality assurance programs etc. Information on Health services and programs, employments, or Nursing programs visit Nunavut Nurses.

Home & Community Care Worker I & II

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Home & Community Care worker I & II
Website: Department of Health
The care worker assist clients under the direction of home care nurse or program supervisor of household management according to an establish client care plan, or assists clients to maintain independence or function in their home environment, and carry out client care service plans by following predetermined task list. Information on Home and Care worker service programs or employments contact Health Centre.

House Keeper

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: House Keeper
Website: Family Services
The House Keeper or Laundry aide is responsible for day-to-day housekeeping and laundry services of care facility, linen services to ensure cleanliness, tidiness of the care facility to improve hygienic, or clean environment. The house keeping and laundry duties are provided for the residents, as well as the employees by assignment. Information on house keeper program services, or employments contact Health Centre.

Mental Health Nurse I & II

Ph. 867-898-9240
Fax: 867-898-9122
Contact: Mental Health Nurse
Website: Department of Health
The counsellor of the Keewatin Health and Social Services coordinates programs. The mental health nurse supports or liaison health professionals in assisting counselling clients to access services with primary health care or provides options of counselling program. Provides essential health related advice on programs or services in collaboration such as coordinator or counsellor, act as liaison on programs and services to initiate or assurance of positive public relation.

Interact or coordinate programs and services through liaison or interagency program support, participates with internal and external committees or program coordinator or liaison. Include educators such as elders group/ committee or mentors to apply cultural programs, knowledge value and traditions or resource programs where possible. Information on programs and services or employments.


Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Pediatrics
Website: Department of Health
The Pediatrics coordinates physical or social health promotion and prevention or detection and management of physical, behavioural development, mental or emotional, environmental and social to communication with patients, families, teachers, or social service worker to provide effective pediatric care. Pediatricians work closely with a large network of physicians and other health care professionals. The responsibilities of those in pediatric nursing may vary based on work setting environment and specialty.

General pediatric nurses often assist doctors during their visits or when working on patient care teams or private practices. Pediatric nurses may specialize in their care of youth. Pediatric may also teach and educate, or provide professional consultations and develop youth care programs. Information on Pediatrics, or Health programs and services, employments contact Health Centre.

Records Clerk/ Interpreter

Ph. 867-898-9968
Contact: Records Clerk/ Interpreter
Website: Department of Health
Information on Records Clerk or Inuktitut Interpreter, public health programs and services, or employments contact Health Centre.

The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

Member of the Nunavut Legislative Assembly, Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. (867) 898-9260
Contact: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet 
Website: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet
Provides information service to Constituents, coordinates activities, or guidance of Members in the Constituency/ Cabinets, or Standing Committees, and the Premier. Consult members of Chesterfield Inlet, and the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet Mayor, Councillors, or the Chief Administrative Officer on local issues, the Municipal Affairs and services, or infrastructure.

Provides Constituency support to Members, or the Municipal Government, and it’s riding, or to designated Constituents access to Members information, and the Legislative Assembly.

Chesterfield Inlet Constituency Assistant Office
phone: (867) 898-9260
Rankin Inlet Constituency Assistant Office
phone: (867) 645-4900

The Programs and Services

The Municipal Service

Water, Sewage & Garbage Truck Service, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867-898-4600 (Hamlet Office) or 867-898-9939 (Foreman)
Contact: Receptionist-Clerk (weekdays)
Schedule: Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (water, sewage, or garbage truck)                                                                        Saturday to Sunday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (water, or sewage truck)
Service: Municipal rates
The Heavy equipment cat, loader, dump truck, or grader, roads maintenance/ dust control, mechanics (I & II), parking garage, warehouse/ inventory, preventative maintenance, quarry/ culverts, freezer, reservoir, pump house, mobile cone crusher, and screener. The maintenance, landfill or fence, metal and lumber scrap yard, sewage lagoon, recycle battery, propane tank/ used oil, dock, and environmental program soil, or water quality weekly test samples.

The Municipal services and programs, or training inquire Hamlet of Chesterfield InletChief Administrative Officer ph. 867-898-4600.

The Municipal Services, and Heavy Equipment

Garage Service: Vehicle service labour 99.75/hour, tire repair & business vehicles 99.75/hour, towing 130/half hour, and welding 50.00/hour.

Equipment: Front end loader with operator 300.00/hour, dozer with operator 300.00/hour, grader with operator 390.00/hour, and dump truck 10 yd. with operator 290.00/hour.

Quarry Material: Crushed gravel 160.00/m3, screened gravel 130.00/m3, and pit run unscreened 80.00/m3.

The programs and services contact Community & Government ServicesMunicipal Training Organization, or Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

The Naja Isabelle Home, Family Services, Government of Nunavut

Naja Isabelle Home, Department of Family Services

Ph. 867-898-9290
Fax: 867-898-9288
Contact: Director of Care
Website: Naja Isabelle Home
The Naja Isabelle Home is administered under Pimakslirvik Corporation with Department of Family Services, Nunavut Government. The Home Care is a 24/7 Care Home facility for children or adults with special needs, provides service to residents of Nunavut. Students or post bridge nursing trainees receive work experience in a modern Home Care facility. The placement programs provide students, or nursing trainees opportunity to integrate in a cross-cultural based nursing skills employment, and certificate training in a supervised work environment with travel en route covered. The Care Home employs 38 staffs.

The employments in Practical Nurses, RN (Registered Nurses), LPNs (Licence Practical Nurses), intern and training programs through post secondary students programs College, or University Home Care credit programs and services, kitchen or canteen cooks, employments, and training contact Director of Care, Naja Isabelle Home.

The programs and services, training, or employments contact Naja Isabelle Home.

Pimakslirvik Corporation

Ph. 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Website: Pimakslirvik Corporation
The residential care for children or adults with special needs, serves residence of Nunavut through Department of Family Services, Government of Nunavut. The Pimakslirvik Corporation manages Arviat Group Home consist of 25 staffs, and Naja Isabelle Home 38 employees.

The practical Nursing, training and internsRNs (Registered Nurses), or LPNs (Licence Practical Nurses) programs work placements, students accredited programs College or University, or Naja Isabelle Home programs and services, kitchen or canteen cooks, employments, and training contact Pimakslirvik Corporation. Travel en route is covered.

The programs and services, training, or employments contact Pimakslirvik Corporation.

The Notre Dame de la Deliverance, Roman Catholic Mission

The Notre Dame de la Deliverance, Roman Catholique Mission, est. 1912

Ph. 867-898-9197
Fax: 867-898-9196
Contact: R.C. Mission
Radio service CICH 93.3 FM: Monday to Friday: 10:45 am – 12:00 pm
Eucharist service: Monday to Friday: 4:00 pm & 7:00 pm, and Sunday: 10:30 am & 7:00 pm
Church school:      Monday to Saturday: 4:00 pm, and Sunday: 2:00 pm
The service and programs, Parish committee, youth programs and volunteer service/ food bank program, or Society of Saint Vincent de Paul contact our Roman Catholic Mission church in our community. After service on Sunday’s Church lobby, Join us – The Soup Kitchen, or Welcome for a Coffee, Tea, or Snacks.

The original Roman Catholic Mission was built September, 1912 later added pool hall, now R.C. Mission residence. In 1964, R.C. Mission built another church and expanded two storey building, now consists of church, small chapel, office, lobby or classroom, residence, and resource library. The Diocese of Churchill Hudson Bay is rebuilding its R.C. Mission (built, 1964).

The Church is adjacent to Diocese residence and workshop, previously converted to youth centre, 2002. The R.C. Mission is name after a church, the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Delivrance in Normandy, France. The original bell raised on the bell tower, still often used up to date before service. Bell rings quarter to ten Sunday’s, you might hear in distance. Welcome, walk in the Light!

The Pet Transport, Immunization, Rabies/ SPCA

Pet Transportation, Immunization, Rabies/ SPCA

Ph. 867-898-4603
Contact: Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer
The Puppies or Dogs (Huskies or mixed-Breeds) for adoption, need good families to care for them, why not consider adopting one as a Pet. Puppies or dogs available for adoption on our Pet Adoption. Information on Transporting pets, Winnipeg shelter, Pet immunization, SPCA, animal Hospital or Humane Society, Veterinaries, and important Rabies information, or vaccines contact Community Economic Development Officer ph. 867-898-4600, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

The services or supplies on leases, collars, kennels, or dog foods visit Pets, Rabies vaccines, or Pet Products. The rabies vaccines Dog, or Puppies (12 or 18 weeks of age) contact Health Centre ph. 867-898-9968. Information on rabies VACCINE, or rabies  VACCINATION on DOG, or PUPPY (12 to 18 weeks of age).

The Puppies/ Dogs programs and services, rabies vaccines, training, or vet’s visit Pet Adoption, or inquire Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet ph. 867-898-4603.

The SPCA, Animal Hospital/ Humane Society

The Public Service

Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation

Ph. 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Website: Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation
The Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation administer Pimakslirvik Corporation, and Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation services. The Pimakslirvik Corporation administer Naja Isabelle Home Care, and Arviat Children’s Group Home. The ambulance service, Calm air travel agent and cargo service, hardware store, country food sales or frozen meat, and bed & breakfast is managed by the Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation.

The hardware, cargo services, or employments contact Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation.

Chesterfield Inlet R.C.M.P. Detachment

Ph. 867-898-0123 (Office) or 898-1111 (Emergency)
Fax: 867-898-9235
Contact: Community Constable
Website: RCMP Detachment
Service: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
The programs and services, careers in civilian employee, community constable and recruitment, firearms training program or safety, licence application, renewal or register of firearms, criminal record check, or part-time employment contact Chesterfield Inlet Detachment Office.

CICH 93.3 FM, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867-898-9934
Fax: 867-898-9108
Contact: CICH 93.3 FM
Radio Station: Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
The Sigjaqpaluk (CICH 93.3 FM), local news program, 24/7 music station, or public notice.

Family Support Worker

Ph. 867-898-9066
Fax: 867-898-9067
Contact: Support Worker
Website: Pulaarvik Kablu Friendship Centre
The Support worker coordinates cultural programs, organized local events, assist human resource program, training workshops, and youth or Elders program. The family support worker programs and services contact program coordinator.

Pairivik Daycare Centre

Ph. 867-898-9712
Fax: 867-898-9703
Contact: Manager
The Early childhood Daycare service and program contact Kivalliq Partners in Development, Department of Education, or Family Services. The program and services contact Early childhood Daycare services.

Pigiarvik Wellness Committee

Ph. 867-898-9420
Fax: 867-898-9421
Contact: Wellness Coordinator
The Pigiarvik Wellness Committee administer elders or youth program and services.

Simik Taxi

Ph. 867-210-0359
Simik taxi service

Transportation, Shipping, or Travel Agent

Calm Air International Ltd.

Ph. 867-898-9104
Fax: 867-898-9103
Reservations Toll-Free: 1-800-839-2256
General Inquiries: 1-888-225-6247
Website: Calm Air
Scheduled flights, charters, courier, travel agent, shipping, or COVID-19 updates

Desgagnes Transarctik Inc.

Toll Free: 1-866-732-5438
Contact: NSSI Cargo
Website: Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc.
Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. cargo or customer service, destination and delivery, booking, or schedule and rates


Toll Free: 1-877-225-6327
Contact: NEAS
Website: NEAS
NEAS sealift reservation, packaging option or cargo, and sealift schedule

North Star Air Ltd.

Toll-Free: 1-844-633-6294
Fax: 807-475-8040
Website: North Star Air Ltd.
Cargo service

Victor Sammurtok School, and Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre)

District Education Authority

Ph. 867-898-9007
Fax: 867-898-9143
Contact: Secretary-Clerk
Website: Victor Sammurtok School
The District Education Authority, School curriculum programs study resource, elementary or high school academic programs, gymnasium, workshop (industrial tech), cultural/ intern baking program, or breakfast program, student support assistant, after school, or weekend programs, and bus service.

The Kivalliq School Operations, teaching staff, DEA Liaison, school calendar kindergarten to grade 12, or employments contact Superintended of Schools, Kivalliq School Operations ph. 867-793-2803 ext. 3703, or Department of Education, DEA Development Officer ph. 867-793-2803 ext. 3404. The Kivalliq School Operations chart.

The DEA policy, DEA Orientation Training and Manual, annual report, Alberta distance learning centre program, Education Act, Teacher certification, DEA hiring panels, or annual Public consultations on Education/ AGM contact DEA Secretary-Clerk ph. 867-898-9007, or Manager of Partner Relations ph. 867-975-5640, Department of Education, or inquire Legislative Office.

Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre)

Ph. 867-898-9048
Fax: 867-898-9101
Contact: Adult Educator
Website: Nunavut Arctic College
The Nunavut arctic college calendar programs and career, continuing studies, registration, newsletter, trades, or employment.

Victor Sammurtok School, Kindergarten to Grade 12

Ph. 867-898-9913
Fax: 867-898-9143
Contact: Principal
Website: Victor Sammurtok School
The school curriculum programs resource elementary, or high school academic programs, physical education, workshop (industrial tech), kitchen/ cultural programs, computer lab/ resource centre, and breakfast program.

The school calendar K to Gr. 12, guidance Counsellor, tutor or after school programs, student support assistant, registration, or evening sports, bus service, and Alberta distance learning centre program. This include distance learning registration, ADLC credit coursesEducation Act, Teacher certification, or annual Public consultations on Education. Information on Employment, Kivalliq School Operations, or school calendar K to Gr. 12, and post-secondary programs contact Principal, or Secretary Clerk.

Wellness, and Justice Outreach Programs

Justice Outreach Worker, Department of Justice

Ph. 867-898-9045
Fax: 867-898-9043
Contact: Outreach Worker
Website: Department of Justice
The justice outreach coordinates programs and services, or activities through Department of Justice. Provides support with Justice Committee, or coordinates local CJC diversion, and Crime prevention initiatives. Works and coordinate with local justice stakeholders, RCMP Detachment/ Corrections office, Family services, or Counsellor. Promotes programs and services with counselling groups sessions, or referrer to support guidance counsellor i.e. Elders groups, crime prevention initiatives, cultural, or health initiatives programs.

Coordinate programs, and act as liaison on training or education through programs, or interact with other departments, committees/ counsellor, or Career Development Officer, and education i.e. Human Resource, education program on training, or trades school, family services, or liaisons. Coordinates programs such as school visits, radio shows, crime prevention/ activities, or referral to support groups on programs i.e. counsellors.

Wellness Coordinator, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph. 867-898-4608
Contact: Wellness Coordinator
Website: Department of Health
The Health and Wellness promotes programs through Health development committee cultural program, Elders and youth, recreation or physical activity, nutrition or cooking program i.e. country food diet, education, skills development, or health initiatives.

Implement wellness strategy, and Human Resource program through training of members, or Inuit interns, and mentors to support Health committee, and delivery of Wellness program, or Health initiative intern training, or education through Department of Health. The programs and services, or training contact Wellness Coordinator.