There are Puppies, mix Breeds or Husky’s that need good families to care for them. Why not consider adopting one as a pet.

Available for Adoption:

For more information, please contact the Chesterfield Inlet Economic Development Officer Phone: 1-867-898-9206 (Hamlet office) or E-mail: Economic Development Officer for more information or contact the local By-law Officer Phone: 1-867-898-9951 (Hamlet office).

The Winnipeg Humane Society:

For information on Dog or puppy vaccination, intake or transporting pet and the Winnipeg Humane Society visit Winnipeg Humane Society

Transporting Animal/ Pet for Adoption:

Calm Air International Ltd. will transport an animal or pet for adoption one way (north to south) FREE of CHARGE if space is available to a shelter or to the SPCA. The customer must make arrangements to book a space on flights with Calm Air International Ltd. at Toll-Free: 1-800-839-2256 (reservations) or the local Calm Air agent office at Phone: (867) 898-9103 to inquire for information.

The customer is responsible for the drop-off at the Airport terminal and arranging for a pick-up at the destination. For information on Dog Kennels, contact the local By-Law Officer at the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Office Phone: 1-867-898-9951 or the Chesterfield Inlet RCMP Detachment Phone: 1-867-898-0123 (office) for more information.

Rabies Information – ALL Dogs should be vaccinated for Rabies:

Rabies is a dangerous disease that is carried by foxes, wolves, and wolverines. It can be transmitted to dogs and humans and is untreatable and fatal in humans.

Rabies is usually transmitted by saliva in a bite, but a dog or person does not have to be bitten to get rabies. Saliva on a person’s hands can transfer the disease through the eyes, nose, mouth, or small cuts, so even licking by an animal that has rabies is dangerous. Not every bite results in rabies, but if a person develops the disease, it is fatal.

Avoid any Fox seen in Town – Rabies affects the Behaviour of Animals in Three Ways:

  • An animal may appear aggressive, attacking without warning.
  • An animal may appear very tame and quiet.
  • An animal may appear playful.

Pre-Cautions regarding Rabies:

  • Teach your children to avoid foxes at all times; and not to play with them. Any fox seen in town should be considered rabid.
  • Children should be taught to tell parents or an adult if they are bitten or licked by a fox; (If a child is licked by a fox, quickly wash hands, arms, face, and neck with soap).
  • Children should not approach a dog they do not know, and should NEVER tease a chained dog.
  • If your child is bitten by a dog or a fox, take him or her to the Health Centre and tell the nurse what has happened. Your child may need shots to prevent rabies from developing. This should be done as soon as you find out about the bite.

For Trappers:

Ask the Conservation Officer if they are seeing cases of rabies, before beginning the trapping season. If there is a rabies outbreak, take special care when handling trapped animals, even when they are dead.

If there is a bite:

  • If your dog is bitten by a fox or an unvaccinated dog, your dog must be quarantined for three to six months and watched for any unusual behaviour.
  • If your dog has been vaccinated and is bitten by a fox, take it to the By-Law Officer as soon as possible and have it revaccinated.
  • If your dog has been vaccinated, vaccinating after a bite will not help. An unvaccinated dog that is bitten MUST be quarantined for at least 6 months in a pen where it cannot get to people.


When to Vaccinate:

  • Puppies should be vaccinated no earlier than 12 weeks, but during the first 6 months if possible.
  • They should be vaccinated again at one year, and every two years after that.
  • If there is an active rabies outbreak, vaccinate every year. This is especially important for dogs tied up at the edges of town, as they can easily come into contact with foxes.

Other Dog Diseases:

If possible, all dogs should also be vaccinated for distemper and parvovirus, which are severe diseases of dogs, but not transmissible to people. If you want to protect your dog against these diseases, call Page Burt or John Hickes at Phone: (867) 645-2650 in Rankin Inlet for information regarding vaccines.

Parvovirus is a diarrhea disease that can kill a puppy in only a couple days and distemper is a respiratory disease that can spread to the brain and affect a dog’s balance and muscular control. BOTH ARE PREVENTABLE BY VACCINATION. Full protection requires two shots of a combined vaccine. Puppies should be vaccinated at 6 weeks and between 13 weeks of age. After that, the dog should be vaccinated annually for parvo and distemper.

All puppies are likely infected with roundworms and should be de-wormed at about 6 to 13 weeks. If you feed raw fish to your dog, it likely will become infected by tapeworms and will need de-worming twice a year. Page Burt and John Hickes can provide information on this as well.

For information on RABIES VACCINATION’s contact the local RCMP Detachment at phone: 867-898-0123 or inquire with the local Health Centre for Dog/ puppies Vaccines phone: 867-898-9968… For information on Pet products/ supplies visit link – Pet Products or Pet Supplies

Municipal Council

The Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (Municipal Government), and public service consists of Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and seven Council members. The elected Councillors represent the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet with plans, decisions, training or infrastructure initiatives etc. on behalf of the community.

Mayor:  Simionie Sammurtok
Deputy Mayor:  Jimmy Krako
Councillors:  Sandra Simik, Leonie Mimialik, Solomon Autut, Jerome Misheralak, Louis Autut, Tony Amauyak, and Angeline Simik

Regular council meetings are scheduled Tuesday on the second, and fourth week of each month 1:30 pm, open to public. Information on Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet regular Council meetings contact Receptionist Clerk at the Hamlet Office phone: 1-867-898-9951 or download agenda information.

Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet – Municipal Government

Mayor Simionie Sammurtok (867) 898-9951
Deputy Mayor
Deputy Mayor Jimmy Krako
Councillor Sandra Simik
Councillor Leonie Mimialik
Councillor Solomon Autut
Councillor Jerome Misheralak
Councillor Louis Autut
Councillor Tony Amauyak
Councillor Angeline Simik
Senior Administrative Officer Roy Mullins (867) 898-9926
Hamlet Lands Officer Gloria Thompson (867) 898-9951
Community Economic Development Officer David Kattegatsiak (867) 898-9206
Receptionist/ Clerk Renae Tanuyak (867) 898-9951
Finance Officer Lillian Simik (867) 898-9951
Municipal Service & Maintenance
Hamlet Foreman Don Tanuyak (867) 898-9939
Hamlet Mechanic Remi Aggark (867) 898-9939
Hamlet Mechanic (Assistant) James Mullins (867) 898-9939
Hamlet Building Maintainer Nipi Alogut (867) 898-9951
Recreation & Wellness Coordinator
Recreation Coordinator Greg Tanuyak (867) 898-9081
Wellness Coordinator Shawna Mullins (867) 898-9951
Recreation Facility Maintainer Eric Nanout (867) 898-9951
Justice Outreach Worker Jocelyn Simik (867) 898-9951
Community Aerodrome Radio Station
Observer/ Communicator 1 (867) 898-9940
Observer/ Communicator 2 Jordon Putulik (867) 898-9940
Agnico-Eagle Mines LTD.
Community Coordinator (Human Resource) Randy Boiteau (867) 898-9951
By-Law Enforcement/ Fire Department
By-Law Officer/ Fire Chief Ralph Simik (867) 898-9951
Radio Station 93.3 FM Sigjaqpaluk
Program Announcer Mark Amarok (867) 898-9934
  • Aqigiq H.T.O., K.I.A. and Tourism/ Culture
  • Business Licence
  • Municipal Service
  • Wellness Programs
  • Fire Department and By-Law
  • Legislative Assembly of Nunavut
  • Accommodation and Dining
  • Economic Development Programs/ Loans
  • Retail, and Hardware Stores
  • Iqalukpik Fish Plant
  • Transportation and Shipping
  • Contracting, Equipment Supply and Maintenance
  • Technical, Communications and Services
  • Naja Isabelle Home Care Facility, Department of Health
  • Keewatin Health and Social Services, Department of Health
  • Housing Association Ltd.
  • Public Service
  • Victor Sammurtok School, and Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre)
  • Pet Transportation, Immunization and Rabies
  • Government of Nunavut
  • Network/ Telecommunications
  • Notre Dame de la Deliverance Roman Catholic Mission

Aqigiq H.T.O., K.I.A. and Tourism/ Culture

Aqigiq Hunters and Trappers Organization

Ph: 867-898-9063
Fax: 867-898-9079
Contact: Secretary-Manager
Information on land animals/ marine mammals, traditional place names/ maps, country food/ harvesting, an land or marine Eco-system visit: Kivalliq Wildlife Board or the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board

Kivalliq Inuit Association

Ph: 867-898-9159
Fax: 867-898-9161
Contact: Liaison Officer
Web Site: Kivalliq Inuit Association
Information on Cultural initiative programs/ contributions to small business, training/ cultural resource or information on the provisions of the NLCA visit: Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. 

Carvers and Artisans

Ph: 867-898-9206
Contact: Economic Development Officer
Information on local artisans or carvers contact local Economic Development Office at the Hamlet office

Dog Team Sled Day Trip

Contact: Dog Team Musher
Information on Dog-team sled Day trip, excursion/ rates contact the local Dog-team sled musher in the community

Business Licence

Business Licence, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph: 867-898-9951
Contact: Finance Officer
Information on Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Business licence, Schedule of Fees or to obtain Business Licence – (By-law No. 60 business licence form ‘A’ and ‘B, schedule of fees or application Schedule ‘C), contact Finance Officer at the Hamlet Office Phone: 1-867-898-9951 or inquire with the Receptionist-Clerk

Businesses looking to operate/ renew licence in Chesterfield Inlet boundary require Business Licence from the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet. Forms can be obtained from the Finance Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Phone: 1-867-898-9951 or download Business Licence forms:

Municipal Service

Water, Sewage & Garbage Truck Service, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph: 867-898-9951 (Hamlet Office) or 867-898-9939 (parking Garage)
Contact: Receptionist-Clerk (Hamlet Office) on weekdays for Municipal service or Foreman
Schedule: Monday to Friday:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturday to Sunday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (water & sewage truck)

Information on Municipal service or Heavy-equipments operators, Municipal roads maintenance or roads dust control (summer), Mechanics (I & II), parking Garage/ inventory, quarry materials/ culverts, walk-in freezer/ pump-house, conveyor/ screener or municipal building Maintenance, and Disposal site, Metal Scrap yard, Sewage lagoon or community dock

Wellness Programs

Wellness Program Coordinator, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph: 867-898-9951
Contact: Wellness Coordinator, Shawna Mullins
Wellness Committee: Solomon Autut, Jocelyn Simik, Yvonne Tautu, Geraldine Kreelak, Doriana Sammurtok and Lillian Simik. 
Information on Wellness Committee programs or Health and initiative plans, contact Wellness Coordinator at the Hamlet office or visit Health resource programs: Department of Health

The Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet administer Health and Wellness programs under the community health and development committee assistance that coordinates cultural program, elders and youth, an recreation/ physical activity, nutrition, and cooking program i.e. country food diet, education/ skill development and healthy community relationships. This include to develop or implement wellness strategy, human resource at local level through training of members or Inuit interns and mentors to support health committee, an to carry out wellness plans with the Department of Health programs.

Fire Department and By-Law

Volunteer Fire Department/ By-Law Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph: 867-898-9951 (Hamlet Office) or 867-898-4422 (Emergency)
Contact: By-Law Officer
– Fire-chief, Ralph Simik
– Deputy Fire-chief, Isador Sammurtok
– Members, Carl Amarok, Ryan Kreelak Corey Aggark, Darius Kreelak, and Bryton Kreelak

Information on Chesterfield Inlet Fire Department volunteer service, contact Fire Chief or the By-Law Officer at the Hamlet office. The Volunteer Fire Department consists of 9 volunteers; the individuals practice fire drill twice a month in emergency response, and fire rescue service drills to the community of Chesterfield Inlet. The department meets on regular basis for weekly equipment checks/ inventory and maintenance (fire truck and fire hall) including other safety drills, and first aid to investigation of fire scene and training etc.

The Municipal By-Law Officer is responsible for enforcement of community speed limits, curfew & ATV enforcement (after midnight in the community), safety/ training, first aid to designated intersection of roads safety signage/ maintenance, fire hall and emergency response at local level under the direction or policy of the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (Municipal Government).

Legislative Assembly of Nunavut

Cathy Towtongie Member of the Legislative Assembly for Nunavut, Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet

Ph: (867) 898-9260
Fax: (867) 898-9261
E-mail: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet
Web site: MLA Rankin Inlet North & Chesterfield Inlet
Provides an information service for constituents, coordinates activities of the Members in the constituency, keeps the community Members and the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet informed about local issues and provides constituency support to the Members and to designated constituents with access to the Members and the Assembly.

Chesterfield Inlet Constituency Assistant Office
Phone: (867) 898-9260

Rankin Inlet North Constituency Assistant Office
Phone: (867) 645-4900

Information on the Nunavut Legislative Assembly or the Government of Nunavut Departments, programs/ services, and policies/ regulations visit:

Accommodation and Dining

Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North

Ph: 867-898-9975 (Direct Reservations)
Ph: 867-898-9190 (Hotel)
Contact: Manager
Toll-Free Reservations: 1-888-866-6784
Website: Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North
Hotel and Meals for Guests

Economic Development Programs/ Loans

Community Economic Development

Information on the Department of Economic Development and Transportation programs/ contributions, and grants for businesses, organizations/ corporations and individuals/ artisans or arts and crafts in the community, contact the Chesterfield Inlet local EDO Office for update. Below you will find short description of programs. If you are interested in applying for programs/ grants, contact our local Economic Development Officer at the Hamlet Office Phone: (867) 898-9206.

The Economic Development Office will provide assistance/ resource information with the following programs:

Programs and Services:

Information on Territorial, Federal or Organization programs and services or loans programs or Business licence (Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet), related to business or training grants visit:

Loans Programs:

Retail, and Hardware Stores

Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation Hardware Store

Ph: 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Manager
Web site: Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation
General Retail Store, Hardware/Tools, Lumber, general merchandise assortments/ frozen meat and after market Snowmobile Parts

Store Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Northern Store

Ph: 867-898-9920
Fax: 867-898-9160
Contact: Manager
Web site: Northern Store
Retail store, hardware/tools, ATM, offer groceries, fresh produce, frozen meat, and general merchandise assortment – includes mens, ladies, childrens clothing, footwear, general housewares, stationary, toys, sporting goods, stereo equipments/ furnitures, and Canada Post service.

Store Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sunday: 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Pitsiulak Co-op Association Ltd.

Ph: 867-898-9975 or 867-898-9981
Fax: 867-898-9056
Contact: Manager
Web site: Arctic Co-op
General Retail Store, Hardware/Tools, Fuel Service, Cable Television Service, light Banking service, Offer Variety Assortment of Groceries, Fresh Produce, Frozen Meat, and General Merchandise Assortment – includes Mens, Ladies, Childrens Clothing, Footwear, General Housewares, Stationary, Toys, Sporting Goods, Stereo Equipments, Arts & crafts, and Furnitures

Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Iqalukpik Fish Plant

Iqalukpik Fish Plant, Commercial Fishing

Ph: 867-898-9402
Contact: Manager
Information on Arctic char commercial fishing, contact fish plant Manager or E-mail: Economic Development Officer, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet ph: 867-898-9206

Transportation and Shipping

Calm Air International Ltd.

Ph: 867-898-9104
Fax: 867-898-9103
Reservations Toll Free: 1-800-839-2256
General Inquiries: 1-888-225-6247
Web site: Calm Air
Scheduled Flights, Charters, Courier and Shipping

Tagja Freighting

Ph: 867-898-9158
Commercial, tourism or Freighting/ bombardier passengers/ boat


Taxi service
Note: currently no service

Contracting, Equipment Supply and Maintenance

Aulajuq Limited

Ph: 867-898-9175
Contact: Manager
Hauling, snow removal/ airport maintenance and general contracting

Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation

Ph: 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Web site: Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation
Financial/ bookkeeping, accounting, ambulance service and bobcat loader rental/ road maintenance/ snow removal, and cartage service

Drywall and Painting

Ph: 867-898-9837
General contractor in drywall, painting and taping

Inukshuk Contracting Ltd.

Ph: (867) 898-9104
Contact: Manager
General freight service

Technical, Communications and Services

Pitsiulak Co-operatives Ltd.

Ph: 867-898-9981
Fax: 867-898-9056
Contact: Manager
Web sit: Arctic Co-op
Cable television service/ advertisement

CBC Radio 107.10 FM

Contact: 867-898-9951
Information on local CBC Radio FM Broadcast visit website: CBC North

Naja Isabelle Home Care Facility, Department of Health

Naja Isabelle Home Care, Department of Health, Government of Nunavut

Ph: 867-898-9290
Fax: 867-898-9288
Contact: Director of Care
Web site: Naja Isabelle Home
Naja Isabelle Home Care is under the administration of Pimakslirvik Corporation, 24/7 Home Care facility for medically fragile children/ adults that provides service to residents of Nunavut. Information on Employment opportunities in practical Nursing, RN (registered nursing), LPNS (licensed practical nurses)/ intern or training/ student programs visit: Naja Isabelle Home

Pimakslirvik Corporation

Ph: 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Residential care for children/adults with special needs, serves the residents of Nunavut with the Department of Health, Government of Nunavut. Information on practical Nursing, employment opportunities, training/ intern RN or LPNS programs, and workplacement or student programs visit: Pimakslirvik Corporation

Keewatin Health and Social Services, Department of Health

Kajuqjuk Health Centre, Department of Health, Government of Nunavut

Ph: 867-898-9968
Fax: 867-898-9122
Contact: Head Nurse
Department of Health, Government of Nunavut
Information on services/ programs, an Employment opportunities/ Nursing programs visit: Nunavut Nurses or the Department of Health

Community Health Nurse

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Health Nurse
Information on local Health nurse programs/ services visit Department of Health

Health and Social Services

Ph: 867-898-9131
Fax: 867-898-9122
Contact: Social Services Worker
Information on programs, promoting and enhancing overall health and well being of service programs/ delivery and administering social/ liaison services, mental health/ medical personnel or education, maintain or support healthy practice environment, interagency to ensuring quality social work service is being delivered or info. on general counselling visit: Department of Family Services

Mental Health Nurse I & II

Ph: 867-898-9240
Fax: 867-898-9122
Contact: Mental Health Nurse
Crisis worker and counsellor for Keewatin Health and Social Service. Information on programs/ service visit: Department of Health

Home & Community Care Worker I

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Home & Community Careworker I
Information on home and care worker service and programs contact home care workers office or visit: Department of Health for information

Home & Community Care Worker II

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Home & Community Careworker II
Information on home and community care worker service and programs contact home care workers office or visit: Department of Health for more information


Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Caretaker
Information on caretaker programs/ service contact caretakers office or visit: Department of Health for more info.

Children's Oral Health Coordinator

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Children’s Oral Health Coordinator
Information on children’s oral health programs visit: Department of Health

House Keeper

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: House Keeper
Information on housekeeper programs/ service contact the office or visit: Department of Family Services


Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Pediatrics
Information on Pediatrics/ Health programs, and services contact Clerks Office for updates or visit: Department of Health 

Community Health Representative

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Health Representative
Information on local Health representative programs/ services visit: Department of Health

Records Clerk/ Interpreter

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Records Clerk/ Interpreter
Information on Records Clerk/ Inuktitut Interpreter, an public health programs/ services contact Clerks Office for updates/ visit: Department of Health

Clerk Interpreter

Ph: 867-898-9968
Contact: Clerk Interpreter
Information on Inuktitut Interpreter or updates on public health programs/ services contact Clerks Office/ visit: Department of Health

Housing Association Ltd.


Ph: (867) 898-9942
Fax: (867) 898-9091
Contact: Manager
Chesterfield Inlet Housing Association administration/ liaison, information on Nunavut public housing programs/ services visit: Nunavut Housing Corporation

Tenant Relations Officer

Ph: (867) 898-9942
Fax: (867) 898-9091
Contact: Tenant Relations Officer
Information on local public housing/ updates on housing, rents/rates, renovation program, emergency repairs/ home repairs, and maintenance program visit: Nunavut Housing Corporation


Ph: (867) 898-9942
Fax: (867) 898-9091
Contact: Secretary-Clerk
Information on local public housing association units, inventory/ programs, and services or personnel public information/ updates on housing programs, applications or local board members contact Clerks Office/ visit: Nunavut Housing Corporation

Maintenance Management System Clerk

Ph: (867) 898-9942
Contact: Maintenance System Clerk
Information on housing maintenance/ service, housing association garage/ workshop, inventory, and housing programs such as public/ staff housing, or home ownership programs, and applications contact MMOS Clerk Office or visit: Nunavut Housing Corporation

Housing Foreman

Ph: (867) 898-9979
Fax: (867) 898-9091
Contact: Foreman
Service and maintenance for Public housing association units, and GN staff buildings

Public Service

Radio Station (CICH 93.3 FM)

Ph: 867-898-9934
Fax: 867-898-9108
Contact: Program Announcer
Sigjaqpaluk radio station, local news/ program for public notices, contact local radio announcer – Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation

Ph: 867-898-9292
Fax: 867-898-9080
Contact: Chief Executive Officer
Web site: Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation
Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation administer projects, the development of Pimakslirvik Corporation and Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation

Department of Family Services

Ph: 867-898-9274
Fax: 867-898-9600
Contact: Income Support Officer
Information on Family services programs/ services visit: Department of Family Services

Department of Community and Government Services

Ph: 867-898-9914
Fax: (867)-898-9064
Contact: Maintenance
Web site: Community and Government Services
Maintenance public works and services for local government buildings

Pairivik Daycare Centre

Ph: 867-898-9712
Fax: 867-898-9703
Contact: Manager
Early Childhood Daycare Services

Qulliq Energy Corporation

Ph: 867-898-1201
Toll Free: 1-800-491-8116
Web site: Qulliq Energy Corporation
Electric company utilities

Pigiarvik Wellness Committee

Ph: 867-898-9420
Fax: 867-898-9421
Contact: Wellness Coordinator
Administrator for local Pigiarvik wellness committee

Family Support Worker

Ph: 867-898-9066
Fax: 867-898-9067
Contact: Support Worker
Info. on Family support worker program visit: Pulaarvik Kablu Friendship Centre

Justice Outreach Worker, Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet

Ph: 867-898-9951
Fax: 867-898-9043
Contact: Outreach Worker
Community justice Outreach worker coordinates programs/ provides support for community justice committee, or coordinates local CJC diversion, and crime prevention programs locally. Information on Programs and services or resource info./ program updates visit: Department of Justice

Conservation Officer

Ph: 867-898-9130
Fax: 867-898-9135
Contact: Conservation Officer
Website: Department of Environment
Conservation officer coordinates to ensure compliance with, and enforce provisions of Environmental Acts/ regulations and orders made under the Acts; issue Fishing license/ caribou tags for licensed Big Game Guides, tourism outfitters/ tour operators in caribou sport hunts

Government Liaison Officer

Ph: 867-898-9019
Fax: 867-898-9121
Contact: Government Liaison Officer
Website: Department of Executive & Intergovernmental Affairs
Information on the government of Nunavut programs and services in the community/ public notices including training programs calendar/ training funds or other source programs contact Liaisons Office for update

Chesterfield Inlet R.C.M.P. Detachment

Ph: 867-898-0123
Fax: 867-898-9235
Information on programs/ service or employment opportunity contact local detachment office or visit: Chesterfield Inlet Detachment

Victor Sammurtok School, and Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre)

Victor Sammurtok School

Ph: 867-898-9913
Fax: 867-898-9143
Contact: Principal
Kindergarten to Grade 12
General information on School curriculum programs/ updates on ‘General’ or ‘Academic’ programs, an Employment opportunities/ school Bus service contact the Principal/ visit: Victor Sammurtok School

Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre)

Ph: 867-898-9048
Fax: 867-898-9101
Contact: Adult Educator
Information on NAC calendar Programs/ updates visit: Nunavut Arctic College

District Education Authority

Ph: 867-898-9007
Fax: 867-898-9143
Contact: Secretary-Clerk
Local Board of directors
Information on local VSSchool programs/ services, or Employment opportunities, DEA policies/ regulations contact the local DEA Secretary-Clerk/ visit: Victor Sammurtok School or the Department of Education

Pet Transportation, Immunization and Rabies

Pet Transportation, Immunization and Rabies

Pet adoption in Chesterfield Inlet there are puppies that need good families to care for them. Why not consider adopting one as a pet. View puppies or dogs that are ready now for adoption on our Pet Adoption Page.

Information on transporting pets, Winnipeg shelter, pet immunizations and important rabies information visit our Pets and Rabies Information page

Government of Nunavut

The Government of Nunavut

Information on the Government of Nunavut departments, programs and services or government policies/ regulations, an employment opportunities/ training or the territorial corporations etc. visit: Government of Nunavut

Network/ Telecommunications


Contact: Community Service Provider
Information on Qiniq network/ telecommunication service or customer support visit: Qiniq

NorthwesTel Inc.

Customer Service: 1-888-423-2333
Information on NorthwesTel network/ telecommunication service visit: NorthwesTel


Customer Service: 1-866-841-6001
Information on Xplornet network/ Internet service visit: Xplornet

Notre Dame de la Deliverance Roman Catholic Mission

Notre Dame de la Deliverance Roman Catholique Mission, est. 1912

Ph: 867-898-9197
Fax: 867-898-9196
Contact: R.C. Mission
– Monday to Friday: 7:00 pm (english)
– Sunday: 10:30 am (inuktitut), 4:00 pm & 7:00 pm – Eucharist service (english)
Church School:
– Monday to Saturday: 4:00 pm
– Sunday: 2:00 pm

Information on Service/ programs, the Parish Committee/ Youth programs or Volunteer service contact our R.C. Mission Church in our community; after service on Sunday’s at church lobby join us or welcome for a coffee/ tea, or snacks

Employment Opportunities in Chesterfield Inlet: Jobs Available

Information on Employment opportunities with the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet or updates contact the Receptionist Clerk at the Hamlet Office or phone: 1-867-898-9951 to inquire information.

Feasibility Study Reports & Community Development Plans Conducted in Chesterfield Inlet:

  • The Department of Economic Development and Transportation, Keewatin Region – Government of the NWT hired the consulting firm PRP Parks: Research & Planning Inc. on February, 1986 to prepare a CHESTERFIELD INLET HISTORIC SITES AND TRAILS PROGRAM DRAFT PLAN with the assistance of Kivalliq Consulting and Management Services and incorporation of the Dept. of ED&T – Gov’t NWT officials and members of the community. In August, 1990, the Dept. of ED&T, Keewatin Region – Gov’t of the Northwest Territories prepared a trails and signage program for the Chesterfield Inlet for future implementation. This is in conjunction with the previous – February, 1986 report to develop an interpretive plan and signage program for Chesterfield Inlet.
  • Community Centre – Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut – Technical Status Evaluation Report; prepared by Technical Support Section, Asset Management Division, Department of Works and Services, Government of the Northwest Territories, Yellowknife, NWT – October, 1998
  • St-Theresa Home Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut – Technical Status Evaluation Report – November 24, 2000; This report was prepared for the Department of Health and Social Services, Government of Nunavut by the Department of Public Works and Services.
  • Chesterfield Inlet Aggregate Study – prepared for CG&T, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut by Ferguson Simek Clark, Engineers & Architects, YK, NT, March 12, 2002
  • Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation – Ste. Theresa Long Term Personal Home Care Redevelopment Report – Prepared by KGS GROUP in association with AGB ARCHITECTURE INC., June, 2002
  • CHESTERFIELD INLET Community Planning Internship Report – Prepared by Shaun Klassen Graduate Student Department of City Planning at the University of Manitoba Community Planning Advisor for the Community of Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut- April 26 to August 31, 2003 (CED Plan focused on Sustainable Economic, Training, and Employment opportunities to Infrastructure planning; how to coordinate a community forward by establishing a community based planning from Education, Cultural, Wildlife, Land, Mineral and Preservation of Heritage Buildings and to Inuit Traditional Knowledge etc.)
  • Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Community Development Plan December, 2008 – Prepared by Accutech Engineering Inc.
    (CED Plan that consolidated goals and objectives from infrastructure, education and training, mineral exploration, small business, healthcare, social services, tourism, wildlife and arts and crafts and recreation development. It also consolidated goals and objectives for the preservation of archaeological and heritage sites, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit Traditional Knowledge), sustainable economic development, employment opportunities and a five year Capital plan identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges etc.)
  • Tundra Wetland Sewage Treatment System Report – Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut; Department of Community and Government Services – Government of Nunavut, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut; prepared by Nunami Jacques Whitford Ltd. January 9, 2009
  • New Walk-In Freezer Facility constructed – Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, 2009
  • New Floating Dock Construction – Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet, September, 2010
  • Route Analysis Chesterfield Inlet to Josephine Lake – Volume 1 Executive Summary, March 2009 – Maskwa Engineering Ltd… View map 1, View map 2, View map 3.
  • Chesterfield Inlet Community Plan & Zoning By-Law, prepared on behalf of the Municipality of Chesterfield Inlet by J.L. Richards – Engineer – Architects – Planners, January, 2010
  • Infrastructure for a Sustainable Chesterfield InletVol. 1 Community Priorities, Sept 1, 2010, and Vol. 2 Consultation Report, March 17, 2011, Prepared for the Government of Nunavut by Aarluk Consulting Inc.
  • Chesterfield Inlet Community Base Map, August, 2011; The Department of Community & Government Services, Government of Nunavut
  • Chesterfield Inlet Small Harbour Assessment Study – Department of Economic Development & Transportation, 2012. View the Harbour Assesment Report
  • Chesterfield Inlet Coastal Resource Inventory Report 2009 – 2012 Prepared by Department of Environment, Fisheries and Sealing Division
  • Granular Resource Evaluation Report Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut prepared for C&GS, Government of Nunavut by Dillon Consulting Ltd., July 19, 2013
  • Chesterfield Inlet’s Heritage Strategy 2012 – 2017 – Aarluk Consulting
    (Heritage strategy focused on archaeological and heritage sites, preservation of Inuit Qaujimajatuqagnit (Inuit Traditional Knowledge) by coordinating with elder’s, significance of heritage resources and the heritage value to historic places. It also includes initiatives for the protection of archaeological sites and structural heritage buildings, geographic names in Inuktitut, key heritage sites, training and programs, potential for a territorial park, economic development of the heritage sector and support for elders and youth program development, etc.) View the Chesterfield Inlet Heritage Strategy 2012 to 2017 document.
  • Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet Community Economic Development Plan, 2013 – Prepared by Polar Bligh Consulting Inc. (CED Plan is consolidated on goals and objectives from education, training, health, social issues, tourism, recreation, arts & crafts, mineral exploration, environment, employment, Inuit language and wildlife. It also focus on preservation of Archaeological and Heritage building’s, Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (Inuit Traditional Knowledge), sustainable economic development, and infrastructure etc.)
  • Health Policy Community Consultation, McMaster University, Faculty of Health Sciences, October 14 – 21, 2016May 27 – June 23, 2017 & October 29 – November 9, 2017
  • Community-Based Sea Ice & Ocean Research Project, Centre for Earth Observation Science, University of Manitoba, January, 2017 – February, 2018
  • Community Consultation, May 8 – 11, 2018


The post-secondary programs/ courses are available for registration online. Learn more about financial assistance and scholarship programs through the Department of Education, Government of Nunavut or regional Inuit organizations. Information on post-secondary program (college or university), Nunavut programs and other training programs in Canada visit:

College/ University:

Nunavut Arctic College

Department of Education – Government of Nunavut

University of Manitoba

University College of the North (UCN) – The Pas, Manitoba

Algonquin College located in Ottawa, Perth and Pembroke

Trent University

First Nations Technical Institute, Ontario

University of Winnipeg

Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology – Winnipeg, MB

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

University of Saskatchewan

Concordia University – John Molson School of Business

McMaster University

EDAC – Program

The following Training and Educational Programs are available for Community Members:

Training Program Resources:

  • Pre-trades courses
  • Occupational skills
  • On-the-job employment skills
  • Apprenticeship technical training
  • Entry-level trades training
  • Transport and heavy-equipment training, licensing and certification

For more information about Training Programs/ Grants, and the Nunavut MTO Programs visit:

Nunavut Arctic College – Learning Centre – Local Programs:

Office Administration Program Year One:
Office Admin. program year one scheduled September, 2018 – April, 2019 in Chesterfield Inlet; info. on office admin. program contact local Adult Educator tel: 898-9048

Program – Pre-Trades Training:
For information on the Pre-Trades Training program scheduled January 3 to April 20, 2018 with the Nunavut Arctic College in Chesterfield Inlet; contact the local Adult Educator at Tel: 1-867-898-9048 or Fax: 1-867-898-9101

ABE (Adult Basic Education) and WES (Workplace Essential Skills): delivered at the Nunavut Arctic College – Learning Centre. Program includes – English, Math, Inuktitut, Career/College, Portfolio Development, and Preparing for Change, Keyboarding, Intro to Computers and Job Experience.

Accounting Training – Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet:
A basic introduction to Accounting Training for Sage 50 and Sage 300 software program was held with Avery Cooper Financial Corp. – March 21 to 30, 2016 with the Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet.

Fur Production and Design Chesterfield Inlet:
The Fur Production and Design program in Chesterfield Inlet hosted a class ceremony on December 16, 2015. 4 graduates completed the program with program coordinator Rose-Marie Tongola and assistant coordinator Pauline Kadjuk. The ceremony was open to Elders and members at the community complex. This four month program was developed using Inuit traditional methods on how to prepare, design and sew garments for the seal skin, fur garment industry. The students had the opportunity to develop Inuit traditional knowledge and skills in this area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What are my career options with a ‘HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA’ versus my career options ‘WITHOUT A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA’?

Answer: For further information, we suggest you talk to your local school Guidance Counsellor/your Teacher or visit the local Nunavut Arctic College for information. You can also visit an agency that offers Education and Career Counselling services such as:

Question: Where can I get information/applications about student financial assistance/grants?

Answer: The Nunavut Scholarships Program may be available for some students along with the FANS program and the NTI Memorial Scholarship. Download Nunavut Beneficiaries Scholarships Program application form and Jose Amaujaq Kusugak Memorial Scholarship application. For further information about Grant programs contact or visit the Department of Education, Government of Nunavut website or local Nunavut Arctic College – Learning Centre in Chesterfield Inlet for program information.
Phone: (867) 898-9048 or Fax: (867) 898-9101

Question: Where can I get information about student residences?

Answer: For information about student residences contact the Student Services Centre or the Student Association for the respective campus. Often information can be found on their web site. Links to many of University and College web sites can be found here.

Question: Who can I contact about campus programs and/or How to Apply for a program?

Answer: Complete the educational institution’s application forms for the programs or courses you want to apply for. Often these forms can be downloaded from their web site or at your request, sent out by mail from their registrar’s office. Submit the completed application to the campus or community learning centre in Nunavut (or outside of Nunavut) that offers the programs or courses. Many programs or courses are filled on a first come first serve basis and it is advisable to apply as early as possible on or before the due date.

Question: Where can I get information about ‘High School – General/Academic’ upgrading Equivalency and ‘College/University’ preparation Courses, on a Full or Part-time basis?

Answer: High School ‘General’ or ‘Academic’ upgrading equivalency and College/University preparation courses are offered at various ‘Colleges’ or at other ‘Educational Institutions’. As a sample, here is the Academic Upgrading Courses Chart from Alberta. Also, view the Aboriginal Upgrading Programs – High School Credit courses Programs offered (Alberta).

Other college campuses that offer high school credits to finish high school equivalency or to qualify for a Career Training Program or to attain high school diploma/continuing education and then to prepare for a career are: – Red River College – Continuing Education or Algonquin College – Career & Academic Access Centre – Woodroffe, Ontario. Visit these two sites for more information.

Question: How do I transfer my post-secondary/institutional credits?

Answer: The applicant with high school or post-secondary education credits must make arrangements with the schools where they studied to have a copy of their transcripts mailed to the new school or campus they are registering with. Submit an application form to transfer your credit(s) or request a challenge credit form from the campus.

Question: I need to speak with a Student Counsellor – who can I speak to?

Answer: All Universities and Colleges have a Student Services/Counselling department, which will be able to assist you with your questions and concerns. This includes counselling on programs and courses, financial aid, scholarships, bursaries, awards, academic advice, tutoring, etc.



Simionie Sammurtok
(867) 898-9951


Shawn Stuckey
Senior Administrative Officer
(867) 898-9926

Janice Issaluk
Hamlet Lands Officer
(867) 898-9951

David Kattegatsiak
Community Economic Development Officer
(867) 898-9206

(867) 898-9951


Certified Finance/Administrative Officer
(867) 898-9951

Lillian Simik
Finance/Administrative Officer – Trainee
(867) 898-9951

Municipal Services & Community Maintenance

Don Tanuyak
Hamlet Foreman
(867) 898-9939

Certified Hamlet Heavy-Duty Mechanic
(867) 898-9939

Remi Aggark
Interim Assistant Hamlet Heavy-Duty Mechanic
(867) 898-9939

Nipi Alogut
Hamlet Building Maintainer
(867) 898-9951

Director of Community Works – Contractor
(867) 898-9951

Recreation & Wellness Coordinator

Greg Tanuyak
Recreation Coordinator
(867) 898-9081

Jacintha Amarok
Wellness Coordinator
(867) 898-9951

Eric Nanout
Recreation Facility Maintainer
(867) 898-9951

Jocelyn Simik
Justice Outreach Worker
(867) 898-9951

Office Assistant Trainee

Community Aerodrome Radio Station

Jerome Misheralak
Observer/Communicator 1
(867) 898-9940

Jordon Putulik
Observer/Communicator 2
(867) 898-9940

Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.

Randy Boiteau
Community Coordinator
(867) 898-9951

By-Law Enforcement/Fire Chief

Ralph Simik
By-Law Enforcement/Fire Chief
(867) 898-9951

Region: Kivalliq
Population 2018: 495 (approx.)
Time Zone: Central
Postal Code: X0C 0B0
Location Latitude: 63.20 49″ North & Longitude 90.43 52″ West

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Fire Hall 867-898-4422
Royal Canadian Mounted Police 867-898-0123
Hamlet of Chesterfield Inlet (Municipal Government)
Hamlet Office 867-898-9951
Care Home Facility - Department of Health (Government of Nunavut)
Naja Isabelle Home 867-898-9290
Pimakslirvik Corporation 867-898-9292
Accommodation and Dining
Tangmavik Hotel/ Inns North 867-898-9190
Taxi Service
Retail Stores
Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation 867-898-9292
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Northern Store 867-898-9920
Pitsiulak Co-op Association Ltd. 867-898-9975
Schools/ College
Victor Sammurtok School (Kindergarten to Grade 12) 867-898-9913
Nunavut Arctic College (Learning Centre) 867-898-9048
Early Childhood Services
Pairivik Daycare Centre 867-898-9702
Notre Dame De La Deliverande Roman Catholic Mission 867-898-9197
Community Wellness/ Recreation
Noel Nuvak Arena 867-898-9081
Community Drop-In Centre 867-898-9024
Pigiarvik Wellness Committee 867-898-9420
Community Complex 867-898-9951
VSSchool Gymnasium 867-898-9913
Wellness Coordinator 867-898-9951
Local Communications
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Local Organizations/ Services
Aqigiq Hunters and Trappers Organization 867-898-9063
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Chesterfield Inlet Holding Corporation 867-898-9292
Chesterfield Inlet Housing Association 867-898-9942
District Education Authority 867-898-9007
Chesterfield Inlet Development Corporation 867-898-9292
Department of Community & Government Services 867-898-9914
Health and Social Services 867-898-9131
Qulliq Energy Corporation 867-898-1201
Government Liason Officer 867-898-9121
Canada Post 867-898-9920
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Bank Services
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Pitsiulak Co-op Association Ltd. 867-898-9975
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